Windsock closing

Sarah Smellie heads for the elevated underground.

Sad secret
I have a secret for you: The Windsock Lounge, at 161 Water Street, has the best deck in town. With a great view of the harbor, a small, quiet, candle-lit setting, and vaguely perverse bathroom signage (the women’s loo is marked “Cylinders”, the men’s is “Pistons”) it’s the best place for a summer beer. Before those in the know get all up in arms about my spilling the beans, let me plead my case: The Windsock is closing its doors for good at the end of August.

There are but a few short days remaining to enjoy their deck for either the first or the last time. Indeed, on August 22nd, they’re having an auction to sell off all their equipment.

After 15 years in a grueling industry, Anne Black, bartender from the start, says the owner of the Windsock “need to retire, get out the business and have a little rest.”

When I asked her about her 15 years behind the small, cozy bar, she said, “we sort of gritted our teeth and tried our best, and we lasted.”

The general sentiment about the closure is a sad one—Anne, along with her faithful patrons, will miss the place a whole lot. She’ll also miss the Water Street business community, as restaurants and bars in that area tend to work together, lending out a six pack here and there to one another and encouraging people to patronize their fellow establishments. The Windsock will be genuinely missed, not just by its faithful patrons, but by everyone who works, dines and drinks in that area. Godspeed to you all.

Float your boat
On a lighter note, the Nouvelle Orleans is officially opening its doors to the St. John’s gay community in light of the shocking closure of Zone216. Indeed, the folks down at Pier 7 enjoyed the events they hosted during Pride Week so much that they’ve decided to dock the Nouvelle Orleans one night a week, call it the G-Boat, and throw a big ol’ party, with drink specials and DJs. According to Michelle Hyde, owner of the Nouvelle Orleans/G-Boat, they’re going to try for Saturday nights and also have the regular Zone DJ, Fabian, on deck to provide the tunes* while the boat stays docked so people can come and go as they please. “We just want to give our support to the community,” she says. “It’s fantastic, we’re really ecstatic about it. It hits the spot.” A Facebook group, providing the details of which nights the G-Boat will be in effect and general discussion, has been created at You can also phone them at 726-9693, if you’re still too cool for Facebook.

They sell farmers?
There’s an interesting little rumor circling around that a regular Farmer’s Market may open up in the Masonic Hall. Would that be the gear or what? Everyone start gossiping about it and asking questions so that the potential organizers—who, mercifully, get to remain nameless for now—can’t help but go ahead with it.

But don’t fret! In the meantime, there are a few farmer’s markets of note. First there’s the Torbay Open-Air Farmer’s Market, on August 25th, in the Torbay Town Hall on (you guessed it) Torbay Road. It runs from 9am until 1pm, and features prize draws, local produce and crafts, and no charge to enter.

There’s also the Organic Farm Market Stand, in front of The Sprout, every Saturday from 8am until 2pm, where you can pick up organic zuchini, strawberries, herbs and greens, not to mention fresh chanterelles. ‘Tis the season, after all.

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* We got this message from DJ Fabian after press: “I have NOT nor will i ever be DJing on the Nouvelle Orleans and your source completely gave you misgudied info on this… We are continuing to work to get Zone 216 back up and running as soon as possible. I have in the meantime hosted a gay night at the Majestic last week which was a huge success and should the reopening of the Zone take longer than expected I may be hosting a few more events here which I will keep you informed on.”