Will St. John’s Pass Go?

Fans of St. John’s are sending a familiar message to the makers of Monopoly and the rest of the country: Canada doesn’t stop at Halifax.

The “Get St. John’s, N.L. on Monopoly Canada” Facebook group had over 5,400 members as of press time.

Hasbro, maker of the legendary real estate game, is having a nationwide contest to determine which 22 cities will make it onto its new Canadian Monopoly board.

Out of a list of pre-selected cities, including St. John’s, the 20 with the highest number of votes will make it onto the board. Voting closed on Feb. 7, but Hasbro took down the leader board in the final stretch of the contest to add some suspense.

The other two cities are wildcards, selected from the top nominated cities not on the pre-selected list. From Feb. 8 to 21 you can vote for these cities, one of which is Corner Brook. Vote at monopolyvote.ca

Since voting opened, interest peaked, then waned. St. John’s has fluctuated between fourth and fourteenth places, the latter more recently. The placement of the cities on the board is based on the number of votes it receives, so if St. John’s does win a spot, it may be a cheap one.

One commenter on the Facebook group wrote that she wants this edition to have a hunk of salt beef as a playing piece. Here’s hoping.

The winners will be announced later this year when the game comes out.