Tricky Business

Local magician Jeremy Bennett’s illusion “Breach,” has landed in one of the most prestigious online magic shops,

The trick has “absolutely no gimmicks involved,” says Bennett. It’s just good old fashioned close-up magic—no smoke, no mirrors, no sexy assistants. Just somehow passing a coin through the bottom of a blown up balloon.

After seeing it you will be left wondering how he did it. And now you can find out., which features tricks by some of the world’s top magicians, is now offering Bennett’s trick for sale on its website. For $14.95 (US) aspiring magicians—or people just dying to know how he got their coin into that balloon—can download a video starring Bennett teaching his trick. It’s a big feather in Bennett’s magic cap.

But does selling magic tricks to anyone on the internet jive with the Magic Code of Ethics that swears magicians to secrecy?

Shops selling magic tricks are nothing new, says Bennett, it is part of a long tradition, and he doesn’t feel this updated internet version breaks any code. “Anyone can walk into a magic shop and buy an illusion,” says Bennett, but “most lay people don’t do this as they don’t have an interest in it.”

Though, if a layperson does learn the secret, Bennett doesn’t think it means they’ll become magical themselves anytime soon. “It’s not really about the secret behind the magic that makes the magic, but it’s the presentation of the magic that makes the magic.” Something, he reminds, that takes years of work to master.

This might be the case, but it doesn’t mean that magicians are about to give up their secrets any easier than before. “I know of people who’s specific jobs are to watch new uploads on Youtube and then report if (they are) revealing tricks,” says Bennett.

Bennett has three more tricks forthcoming on In the meantime, you can check out the trailer for his “Breach” video:

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