The Elegant Yard Sale

The Elegant Yard Sale is a housewares store at 364 Water Street headed by Ms. Lois Thomas, an interior decorator and an established antique dealer.

Lois and Ross Thomas were the husband and wife team behind ‘Harvest Moon Antiques’ on LeMarchant Road. Since 2001, Ross had been living with terminal lung disease and Harvest Moon was the result of Ross’ passion for antiquing and an itch to start a new business after a few years of good health.

“My husband had an absolute love of all things old and charming,” says Lois. “He loved the process of acquiring.”
Harvest Moon operated from 2003 until 2007, when the Thomases relocated to Toronto so Ross could be given a special treatment. The couple did have plans to return to St. John’s and re-open their store.

“The plan was for him to be well,” she says. “He did get the surgery, but it went very wrong for him and he only lasted a few months. He passed away.”

Lois is now back on the island and The Elegant Yard Sale is in its fifth week of business.

“It’s a mix of new and second-hand, always good quality and low prices. You buy deals and pass them on.”
Business is booming on Water Street’s less ‘boutiqued’ end.

“There’s a lot of foot traffic, a lot of tourists and a lot of people working on this end of downtown. I’m thrilled! I’m really hoping that good stores will encourage other people to take other spaces down here. It’s busy.”

The Elegant Yard Sale is opened Tuesday to Sunday at 364 Water Street.