Sugar, sugar…

Diana Daly treats you to the city’s treats. No tricks.

The handsome and helpful staff at the Dog House on Duckworth Street took me through their inventory of Hallowe’en costumes for dogs. Now, I love my dog Flossie, but this is going a bit far.  Your pooch can be a princess, a prisoner, a fireman, a super-dog, one of a whole line of Star Wars characters (yes, Yoda is there too), Wonder Woman, a cowboy, a hippie, a dog in a tuxedo, an 80s hair metal rocker and my personal fave, a flying Elvis.

Now if one of these critters shows up at your door, remember, human treats are not good for l’il pups. The Dog House can also fix you up with a range of healthy dog treats. There are chocolate cookies with a carob substitute so their little hearts won’t explode, venison and apple snacks, and, Flossie’s favorite: desiccated lamb’s lung! Yum by’. It would be good to have some on hand in case some dog shows up in a cool costume and you have nothing for them. Or else they could leave a nice stinky “trick” on your doorstep.
Best be prepared.

Sugar Cane Lane on Water Street is a candy store full to the brim with weird and wonderful candy and novelty items, and they’re sure to be overrun this Hallowe’en. Lots of gross, tooth-rotting, stomach churning “omygod I can’t believe that’s edible” treats, including lolly-“poop”, chocolate-covered bugs, gummy fangs, wax lips, earwax, gummy maggots and jelly rats. Yum!
Then there’s the fake blood, the nail through the finger gag, the bloody mouth candy, and rubber chocolates – all prime prankster stuff.
And I can say from experience, a package of fake moustaches is pretty fun to pass around at a party.

So I went to the Harbour Haunt’s weekend matinee for small children in the old Woolworth’s building on Water Street to check it out…
After about a fifteen-minute lineup outside, my brave companions and I were in! There are lots of unsettling noises, including Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, and ghosts and goblins wandering about frightening you. There are plenty of scares (I yelped) and some great tricks and performances, but I won’t give them away.
Just a warning: even though my little five-and-a-half-year-old vampire friend is very brave, the “green tour” was too much for her. for children six years old and under I suggest the “red tour”.
Designed by executive director Brent Smith and endorsed by Target Marketing, the Harbour Haunt is five dollars well spent. It is an Easter Seals fundraiser run by over 200 volunteers.
So, after all the theatricks, I was rewarded with a real treat indeed. Bluesman Roger Howse was playing at the Martini Bar above Peddler’s in the afternoon, with no cover!
Two words you need to remember about this bar: dress code. No ratty old jeans with your arse hanging out (but nice jeans are accepted), no hoodies, no ball caps, and no dirty sneakers. I was guilty of three out of four offenses but they’re less strict during the day.
Thursday and Friday evenings the Acoustic Insiders play a mix of 70’s rock which, I am told, is worth checking out. Good room and good sound – worth combing your hair for. B

Next week: A personal chef service in town, “Chef Over”.

– Diana Daly, Ghoul Reporter

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