Diana Daly takes a look back.

What a year it’s been for new business! Since The Scope started this column in the fall we’ve seen a new clothing store, a new Chinese restaurant, a personalized chef service, a new recording studio and a gym open up in the downtown area alone.


I checked in on some of the stories that I covered recently to see how their season was.

But first, a cool new business we haven’t mentioned yet…

Smokin’ Kajun Kitchen
Arkansas native Phil Hill and his wife Hazel, a Bell Island girl, have rolled into town in their self contained food truck “Smokin’ Kajun Kitchen” and they are all set up to cater functions and parties with their Southern delights. They have their own smoker on board as well as a full kitchen to prepare a variety of Cajun food including pulled pork, ribs, jambalaya, gumbo, cornbread, beans and all the fixins.
Just thinking about it is making me salivate. Mmm-MM! Fire in the belly!
This is great news for those who love spicy food! Look for them on the festival circuit as soon as the weather breaks. Until then, you can book them to show up at your party with a truck full of food! Call them at 743-9184. The Hill’s are community-oriented folks who spent the last six months in Louisiana helping out after Hurricane Katrina, and I bet they are going to settle into St.John’s just fine. (Thanks to CBC radio for helping me get in touch with them!)

Chef  to Go
Remember Lori Butler who comes to your home and cooks all your meals for a week? Chef To Go has taken off! She has built a steady clientele and is now able to hire new staff. Not only does she do all of your shopping and food preparation to your own specific dietary needs, she can come to your house to cook a fabulous meal for your dinner party. This is a great success story and I am happy to hear that Chef to Go is going strong.

Boogaloo’s studio
Boogaloo’s new music studio has been pretty much booked solid with people jamming and recording demos. A great service to bands and groups of all sizes, you can walk in, plug into a great system and rehearse like mad. It is also a great way to access an engineer and a studio if you want to record. A first EP or demo can be hard to get organized. Boogaloo helps. They are pretty busy but there is still room.             Call 738-5046 to set up your time.

As for Nubody’s, every time I walk by Atlantic Place in the daytime I look up and see people working out in the window, so that must be a sign!

Geoff Meadus’ new clothing store for men and women seems to be holding its own at the end of “Little Toronto” on Water Street. Staff tell me that they had a great Christmas at the store and are looking forward to this next year. This is good news yes?

It’s good to see so many diverse businesses doing well in our little town. Right on! Please continue to send me information on any new or kooky business happening in the new year.


Diana Daly, Girl Reporter