Scanlan’s bar now open

The yellow door at Scanlan’s. Photo by Martin Connelly.

Curious George and the Bar with the Yellow Door

Old patrons of the Victory Tavern or The Spur, at 164 Water Street, will be astounded by Scanlan’s, a bar reborn. “The reno took nine months, which I like to point out is also the gestation period of a human child,” says Diane Weston, formerly of Bar None, who owns Scanlan’s with her husband, Keith McInnis. McInnis did all the renovations himself, and the outcome is a beautiful space with clean, modern lines and exposed brick. The wood is dark, the leather is red, and the beer is plentiful.

Scanlan’s is trying to be a little bit of everything. “We don’t want to be labeled,” says Weston. “We wanted to make it a space where everyone can feel comfortable.” To that end, they offer good scotch, cheap wine by the bottle, and lots of India beer. With 80’s nights on Thursdays—$25 bar tab to the best-dressed boogier!—and live music on the weekends, Weston thinks the bar is off to a good start. “We’ve turned a sow’s ear into a silk purse.” A little bit of history may have gone to the dump when they put in brand new bathrooms, she says, but what can you do? Opens at 4pm, seven days a week.

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