Emilie Bourque goes for the good stuff.

Portobello’s on Water Street—in the old Oscar’s location—is now open for business after a long stint of renos.

Co-owner Dave D’Angelo explains their menu is international in theme, includes lunch and dinner, features plenty of seafood dishes, and, he says, vegetarian options are available upon request.

The space has been beautifully renovated. The atmosphere is set with Cuban artwork and an antique fountain, and a private dining room upstairs holds up to 34 people (and when you’re upstairs be sure to check out the stunning bathroom sinks! Seriously). They are open for lunch Monday-Friday and for dinner 7 days a week.

On Friday September 28th, the Anna Templeton Centre had an official ceremony to mark the completion of their renovations.

A hand-woven red ribbon was cut by Anna Templeton’s sister, Isabel Templeton. “Shawn Skinner was here to give greetings from the province…Mayor Andy Wells brought greetings from the city… the place was blocked,” says Beverly Barbour, executive director of the centre

So what was all the fuss about? The biggest changes were expanding the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th floors to create 50% more studio space on each floor. Also included were repairs to the original structure (which had a lot of leaks and water damage,) new lighting, new ventilation, and a patio with a great view which will be used to dry fabrics. The building is now wheelchair accessible on every floor, which I think is awesome. A new elevator, automatic door, and wheelchair ramp have been installed.

Although Barbour admits it’s been a lot of work, it hasn’t stopped them from planning to landscape the back next summer, to include an outdoor classroom and a dye garden, and… whew!

“We really believe in what we’re doing. And we love this building, so we have to take care of it.”

If you’re strolling downtown past Auntie Crae’s, and can’t seem to find Dandelion Green anymore, fear not! They aren’t closing up, they’re just moving! Assistant manager Barbara Delahunty told me that after October 14th, they’ll be nestled down in Quidi Vidi Village and taking retail space in the Quidi Vidi Brewery. So, on the ground floor, you will now be able to find Dandelion Green, along with Quidi Vidi Brewery’s retail store.

Sounds like a great stop for a birthday present and a dozen beer to me!

The 6th Annual Ten Thousand Villages Sale is back on Friday, October 19th.
Does anyone else miss their lovely store that used to be downtown? For those who shopped there, you’ll know that you could find hand-crafted items from Asia, Africa, and South America.

The volunteer-run sale is happening at St. David’s Presbyterian Church (99 Elizabeth Ave., next to Elizabeth Towers). Admission is FREE (yipee!), and it runs on Friday, October 19th, from noon-6:30pm, and on Saturday, October 20th from 8:30am-5:30pm.

Remember back in August when Sarah Smellie had a secret for you, and that secret was that The Windsock Lounge at 161 Water Street had the best deck in town? Well she told you just as it was closing up, and now I have an even better secret for you… it will be yours to enjoy again any day now.

Michelle Wright is turning the space into a “musician’s bar,” and she’s eager to get input from musicians on how to go about it.

“The whole concept is a really comfortable, artsy, big, fat living room,” she says.
Wright says she wants to staff the bar with musicians, and have live music every day of the week from 4pm on.

“Usually,” Wright says, “musicians get to play, but they don’t get to say. Here they get to say.”

She’s also inviting artists to come forward who want to use their creativity to help design the look, or display their art on the walls. “I want to let people know that if they want to come in and help create this bar, that’s what I want.”

To get involved, you can call Michelle at 687-4070 or e-mail

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