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Eat Your Vegetables, Kitties
Vegan cat food is now available at Food For Thought, thanks to local animal activist Matthew Finateri. A vegan himself, Finateri decided to seek out meat-free feed for his kitties.

“I never knew this was possible, as cats are carnivores by nature,” he says. “I learned about it more and found that there are several brands of vegan cat foods.”

Cats require certain nutrients and vitamins usually only found in meat, but brands such as Ami Cat have been fortified with amino acids and other essential vitamins and nutrients essential to cats, says Finateri. To know whether a certain vegan product is safe for your pet, it should be labelled as AAFCO (American Association of Feed Control Officials) approved.

Ami Cat is available at Food For Thought located at 376 Duckworth Street, 738-3544.



Walter George ended his 16-year tenure with the Atlantic Lottery Corporation as a VLT programmer to take a gamble on his own custom furniture-making business, Georgecraft Woodworks. Since then, George has been chipping away at the custom furniture market, creating pieces for the home, office and cabin.

“It’s custom-work so I’ve been doing a little bit of everything,” says George.

Flip through the photo catalogue and you’ll find reproduction bed frames, headboards, bedside tables, wardrobes, and spirit and wine cabinets. George once crafted a Queen Anne-inspired cabinet for a client’s ties and belts which would not have existed in that era.

“The alternative meant him not having what he was looking for. It was a neat little piece of furniture,” he says. Smaller wares such as cutting boards, wine bottle stoppers and serving spoons and forks can be found at Craft Council’s Devon House.

Custom pieces may have a turn around time of days, weeks or months, depending on the size. Prices range from $800-$1500. To request a consultation or to view his portfolio contact


Craft Seeker
This year’s Fine Art & Design Fair experienced a few changes, most notably, a move back to the original Arts & Culture Centre venue. Exhibitors showed their wares for five or 10-day stretches, and admission for fair-goers was dropped completely. Here’s what caught my eye at this year’s fair:

Nigel Drover of Unique Woodturning can spend a year working on a single natural edge bowl that look like the inside of a tree trunk, rings and all. “I like to see how thin I can get it,” he says. “If I can get it translucent then I think I’ve done a pretty good job.” Price: $20-$200 Contact: 722-0967

From far away, Urve Manuel’s Pâte de verre look like bits of sculpted sugar. But when the light catches it, you start to second-guess your senses. “Pâte de verre means glass paste,” says Manuel. “You can see each individual granular texture.” Her website A Stones Throw Glass boasts ornaments, plates and window panels of flora and wildlife inspired by Gillams, NL. Price: $20-$120 Contact:

Woolen and knitted treasures appear to have not lost their charm (or warmth) on us islanders. Molly Made Fibre Art Studio from Woody Point sells do-it-yourself knitted hat kits, complete with needles, pattern, hand-dyed wool and instructions for $20 a bag. Erin Ryan, an Anna Templeton Centre student, makes sheepware chic with her wool over wire necklace line, Urban Regalia. Meanwhile, a tight-knit group of ladies from Pool’s Cove Crafts design all sorts of traditional knitwear from three-finger mittens to Christmas stockings. And Willow Designs’ Trine Schioldan fuses wool with silk to produce art, fashion and handy home items like pot holders, pincushins and coasters. Price: $5-$100+ Contact: Molly Made Fibre Art Studio at / Anna Templeton Centre at 739-7623 /Pool’s Cove Crafts at 709-665-4151 / Willow Designs at 726-7704

Bone and Stone
Whale bone and moose ivory are the materials of choice for the indigenous-inspired pendants and earrings Albert Biles creates for Wild Things on Water Street. “It’s geared towards the Labrador culture and that’s where my ancestors were from,” says Biles.

Looking for a new hobby? Worry stone kits by sculptor Nathaniel Noel allow you to sculpt away your worries and create a soapstone pendant for $8.

Similarly, archaeologist and flintknapper Tim Rast of Elfshot Gallery sells his own arrowhead-making kits using glass bottles found around the house.

Price: $8-$50 Contacts: Wild Things at 722-3123 / Nathaniel Noel at 709-744-3384 /Elfshot Gallery at

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