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At the Acro-Adix School of Acrobatics on 161 Thorburn Road, a class of aerial students learn to sail across a flying trapeze 20 feet above the ground and into the arms of a bar-dangling catcher.

“It’s an adrenaline rush that you don’t get used to, but it’s not scary,” says Victoria Howard, a student with serious trapeze talent. “The hardest part is catching the return bar. You should give it a try,” adds Chuck Tilley, a former gymnast taking his fifth Acro class.

Josh and Dany Munden are Acro-Adix, a husband and wife team with over 20 years of combined professional experience as aerial entertainers and instructors. Josh, originally from Whitbourne, met Dany on the resort performance circuit and after years of travelling the world together as performers, the couple decided it was time to open their own school.

“It’s just amazing to see the progress of a student who says, ‘I don’t know if I can do this!’ to doing catches and returns after one class,” says Dany.

“We’re the only flying trapeze school East of Quebec,” says Josh. “People here wouldn’t get a chance to learn or try this here if we didn’t open our school. That’s very rewarding.”

Since June 2009, Acro-Adix has been offering outdoors flying trapeze classes for locals itching to fly. The two-hour intensive trapeze classes are structured so students learn new tricks and perfect positions on the bar for one hour and then attempt catches and returns for the second hour.

“Students start with a knee hang and over time they’re swinging and doing tricks,” explains Dany. “You can get really good in a month or two.”

Dany and Josh are always on-site, instructing and coaching their students while giving individual feedback after each flight. All flights have appropriate safety measures in place, including a safety belt and net.

Acro’s classes are $30 and run Monday to Friday, 10am-12pm and 1-3pm for kids and 4-6pm for adults. Acro also offers Saturday Fun Fly days, an open class where people pay $20 to fly as much as they can. For more information on the Acro-Adix School, call Dany or Josh at 743-3618, or e-mail

The Jighouse: re-loaded
The Jighouse liquor store at 123-125 New Gower Street just pulled an ace from its sleeve. It’s been opened since May 2008, but this spring the NL Liquor Corporation teamed up with Spirit of Newfoundland Productions to offer a Screech-inspired superstore in the location’s basement.

“It’s like an alcohol museum,” explains Jighouse worker ‘Bucky,’ one of two Spirit of Newfoundland actors who host the location’s screech-in sessions.

The store was revamped to showcase the diversity of local liquor goods, explains NL Liquor communications manager, Greg Gill.
“It’s not your traditional liquor store, it’s an opportunity for locals and tourists alike to get in and see what products are actually made here.”

Some standouts include Cabot Tower’s 100 proof rum, spiked teas, jams and BBQ sauces, as well as a brand of Screech flavoured coffee and Old Sam flavoured hot chocolate—both by Jumping Bean Coffee Company.

And then there’s the free screech-in sessions, happening every afternoon at 1pm, 2:30pm and 4pm.

Business is booming, says Bucky. “I’d say we’ve seen around 600 visitors to the store since June 15th.”

So could the Jighouse’s success have the potential to sideswipe other local screech-in services offered throughout the city?

Brian Day, owner and operator of Christian’s Bar on George Street (home to Keith Vokey, the screech-in master) feels that his business is actually profiting from the Jighouse’s buzz.

“It creates awareness and we benefit. There’s no way possible that they can be doing even close to the job that we do during our ceremony. You haven’t gotten screeched-in until you go to Christian’s.”

For more information on The Jighouse call 724-1600 or visit the Spirit of Newfoundland website at Christian’s Bar is at 753-9100.

Hot fun in the summertime
If you’re looking for someone else to handle the BBQing, you’ll be happy to know Red Rock Bar & Grill has just opened at 686 Topsail Road. All of the beef featured on the menu, with the exception of their Triple A Beef Burger, is Angus certified.

“From the cooking and training, to the knowledge of the product, it was an intense licensing process,” says Joanne Byrne, who co-owns the restaurant with her husband Tom. “They want to make sure that any restaurant that carries it won’t diminish its quality.”

Red Rock is open seven days a week. For info or reservations, call 745-2767.

The Fluvarium’s summertime cafe, The Deck, is now open for its third season. The outdoor cafe overlooks The Fluvarium’s gardens and its menu changes weekly, featuring soups, salads, quiches, entrees and vegetarian options, courtesy of chef Katie Greene. The Deck is open 11:30am-2pm from Monday-Friday. For reservations call 754-3474.

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