Andrea Maunder and Mike Barsky, owners of Bacalao

Andrea Maunder and Mike Barsky, owners of Bacalao.

Emilie Bourque talks food, rent, and hats.

Hey gang! If anyone’s hungry for new restaurants to try, I’ve got yummy food news for you.

Mm. Food.

This newly-opened “nouvelle Newfoundland cuisine” restaurant is notable for the high degree of detail owners Andrea Maunder and Mike Barsky have put into the whole restaurant experience.

On the walls, you’ll find local art by Ryan Davis and artists with Laura Coultas’ Five Island Gallery. In the bathroom, you’ll find locally made soap by Tvål. And—most importantly—in the kitchen, you’ll find organic veggies from Lester’s and Rabinowitz’s farms, with local lamb, sausage and ground beef.

“If we can buy it locally, we won’t serve something that’s brought in,” Maunder says. “The whole menu is really a celebration of the cuisine, produce, and products of Newfoundland and Labrador.”

Taking a glance at their menu you’ll notice interesting twists on local traditional foods—instead of just Jiggs dinner, for example, they have Jiggs dinner cabbage rolls.

They are located at 65 LeMarchant Road, open every day for lunch and dinner on weekdays, and for brunch and dinner on the weekends.

Got milk!
Water Street’s PharmaChoice has expanded, big time. After busting out into some unused office space in the back, in just a few short weeks they have doubled in size.

Tom Kennedy, a pharmacist at the 335 Water Street location, says they’ve “brightened it up, put in new flooring, new lights, and gave it a new paint job.”

They’re expanding their product selection too. You can find frozen foods, like frozen dinners, and a milk cooler. Over the next while they’ll also be offering more giftware, and a better selection of greeting cards. Kennedy says they could see that the future is good downtown, so they wanted to expand their overall merchandise.

“There’s very little down here where you can come in and pick up a can of milk… a lot of people in this area don’t have cars, so we try and satisfy their needs.”

The renovations should be complete by the beginning of October.

Island Property Management to manage more of island
For all of you renters renting from Steadman Properties Inc., you may have received a letter in the mail recently informing you that your property is now under new management. In mid-September, Island Property Management Inc. officially bought out smaller company Steadman’s. I spoke to Joan Grant on the front desk at IPM to ask what this changeover would mean for renters, and as it turns out, the answer is, luckily, very little.

“Everything will stay the same,” says Grant. “The only thing that’s going to change is who you pay your rent to.”

If you usually send in post-dated cheques, or pay by money order, they can now be made payable to Island Property Management Inc.

The only other change that may eventually happen is that all locks will be changed to fit one master key, which is common for rental management companies to have, in order to perform maintenance or emergency work.

Right now, calls to Steadman’s are being forwarded to IPM, but to contact them directly with any questions about this change, call 738-4567, or visit them in the Toys’R’Us building, 58 Kenmount Road. You can also check out

Aspiring milliners wanted
For anyone wanting to take up the interesting skill of hatmaking, and to start decking out Newfoundlanders with stylish hats, I have great news. Lila Lafortune, who is quite possibly one of Newfoundland’s only milliners, will be offering hatmaking classes in her store soon. Her shop, Lila’s, is a handmade and vintage jewellry and art shop which opened on Duckworth Street in June. Lila will be offering millinery classes starting the second week of October (she’s currently waiting for her moulds to arrive.) She learned this skill from an ‘old lady’ in Quebec, and Lila wants to pass on this dying art: “I guess I’m the only one who does it here, so that’s why I’m going to teach.”

You can stop by and sign up at 384 Duckworth.

Just a quick note to say Tangled Up in Blue on Bates Hill, which I mentioned last issue, officially opened its doors on the 24th of September.

Congrats Mara!

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