Emilie Bourque dives right in.

(Photo: Mara Lang, manager and owner of the soon-to-open Tangled Up in Blue.)

Hello Scope readers! Just as Sarah Smellie was hitting the back-to-school books, I was hitting the town this fortnight in search of news for you.

Lots going on, so without further ado…

Untangling soon

If you’re looking to try cuisine inspired by the land down under, your time is almost at hand. Tangled Up in Blue, located at 5 Bates Hill, off Duckworth Street, is getting ready to finally open its doors for our hungry Aussie-curious bellies. Although there are always delays getting a new restaurant up and running, Owner and Manager Mara Lang says they hope to do so within the month.

The style will be a café/bar/restaurant. Lang used the words “funky, modern, youthful” and “contemporary even” to describe the atmosphere. The prices on the menu fall in the mid-range, and as for the tastes, “it’s a blend of Southeast Asian, Indian, Mediterranean, Japanese, etcetera, so it’s really [a mix of] the different cultures that influence Australia.”

They’ll be open every morning from 7:30am until late, seven days a week.

I anticipate my breakfasts, lunches, and suppers getting tastier this fall.

Sounds of change

You’ve probably heard by now that HMV recently decided to permanently cut their CD prices nationwide-prices have dropped an average of 20%, with some titles reduced as much as 33%-in an attempt to stay afloat in the music market. Competing against the convenience of iTunes and a generation weaned on illegal downloading, it’s hard to say how long CDs will last before they end up like the majority of records and tapes­-as shelved, dusty novelty items. In any case, there are still full stores of CDs out there waiting to be sold. Brian Butler, manager at HMV in the Avalon Mall, says people obviously love the lower prices, and “it gets a lot of the older stuff moving.”

Time will tell if HMV’s CD price drop will negatively affect local music retailers, or if they’ll just keep changing with new markets and demands. Jim Brokenshire, manager of Fred’s Records, reassured me that there’s no cause for concern. “For 35 years, we’ve adapted, and been competitive, and looked after our customers,” he says.

Not quite 1892

Tough as nails: A fire that happened the night of Thursday, September 6th, behind Mighty Whites Laundromat and The Brass Rack, didn’t stop either establishment from opening for business as usual on Friday. When I stopped by a day later, Mighty Whites was still smelling laundry-fresh, although The Brass Rack had a distinct burnt odour that hit you when you walked in the front door.

Bartender Julie Croft at The Brass Rack came to work to find a mess of ceiling tiles and debris on the floor where firefighters traced wires to check for electrical damage. The fire did a small amount of damage to the side of The Brass Rack, but luckily firefighters caught it before it spread.

According to the folks I talked to, the fire was not due to any electrical problems on either side. The main damage happened outside on a private deck behind and above Mighty Whites, attached to an apartment above the laundromat where the owner lives. Although Mighty Whites employee Elizabeth Coleman couldn’t say much since the fire is still under investigation, and no one’s too sure yet what happened, she did remind me of an important fact: “No one got hurt, that’s the main thing.”

Second helping of Fresh Fish postponed

For those of you who enjoyed the crafts at the first Fresh Fish! Craft Market at The Masonic Temple back in May, unfortunately you’ll have to wait a little longer for the next installment. The “second helping”, which was scheduled for September 15th-16th, has been cancelled because of low registration rates.

Jason Holley, one of the organizers of the event, explained perhaps after enjoying a beautiful summer, many crafters aren’t ready with a stockpile of goods to sell.

The incredibly successful May run will happen again in ‘08, he says.

“The one in May is definitely going ahead… May is a wonderful time, we’ve got all the Anna Templeton grads coming out, and all the grads from NSCAD coming back to town…”

Stay tuned.

Cygnus builds a new nest

The Dominion in the reconstructed Memorial Stadium is soon to open-yet another convenient and controversial location at which you can purchase groceries!

Good news though: the mezzanine level of the renovated building will be the new home of Cygnus Gymnastics­-previously located in Buckmaster’s Circle.

Jim Hurley, current president of Cygnus Gymnastics, tells me the move was necessary to accommodate their growth.

“Our present facility at Buckmaster’s has outlived its usefulness to us, it’s just too small for us to use any more with the number of programs and athletes that we have,” he says. “We outgrew the space.”

Jim says although there is always a tinge of sadness with any move, the new location is an exciting thing-“it’s a wonderful, beautiful site.”

The old site provided about 5700 square feet of gym floor space, the new site provides in excess of 9000 square feet, not including change rooms and office areas, which in total gives them about 12,500 square feet. (Whew!) After many hours of moving the equipment to the space, their programs will be starting up again on September 24th. Hurley can’t wait to show the gym off to the kids. When the first class of athletes comes in, he says, “it’s gonna be like a great big Christmas morning.”

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