In-home cooking
Lori Butler is the secret ingredient to the culinary-challenged of St. John’s. Since 2006, Lori has been designing meal plans and preparing fresh and frozen meals for her clients through her personal meal service, Chef Over. She’s recently cooked up a new image for the business, renaming it Moltar Bia. Lori explains the change, “A lot of people assumed I was a catering company, so I wanted a name that was all-encompassing to mean ‘food’. Moltar Bia means ‘praise of food’ in Gaelic.”

Lori anticipates much praise from her clients during the holiday season.

“With Christmas coming, my regular clients are not eating regularly, so family meals sort of go awry,” she says. “People book me to prepare their Christmas day dinner or brunch.”

Lori has a special item on her wish list this year: a storefront. “Right now, I’m looking to partner up with a commercial kitchen until I can get a place open. The intent is to have a fresh line of food like salads, soups, dips and lunches to go, and a frozen line of food ready to take home from the freezer.”

To contact Lori’s Moltar Bia service, call 749-4946 or e-mail

Little Lulu

Lululemon Athletica has stretched its way into downtown St. John’s.


The yoga active wear clothing store is making its first appearance on the island as a ‘pop up’ store at 202 Water Street, the old Sugar Cane Lane location.

Lulu lovers can shop for men’s and women’s yoga, dance and running gear, starting December 1st and ending January 15, 2009. This is sure to be a busy spot, so make good use of those meditation and deep breathing exercises while shopping, yoga-goers!

Ride Sally Ride
That’s a wrap for Mustang Sally’s Flaming Skillet at its location on Queen Street. On December first, the nacho, stir-fry and wrap eatery gave up its corner near George to make room for a new fine dining restaurant owned by Restaurant 21 owner Chris Hollett.

But don’t cry in your Sally’s secret sauce, Mustang will ride again, says Hollett. “It might be a couple of weeks before we re-open, but it’s not closing for good. The owner [Ron Spurrell] is looking for another building in the downtown area. There are a couple of places he’s been looking at, but nothing’s finalized.”

West Side’s Story
It’s a winning break for Todd Grant and Bruce Quilty, owners of the new Lower Path Grill and Bar on Water Street. The space, once home to West Side Charlie’s Bar and Billiards, has been cued up and made into a casual eatery and pub for the downtown quarters. Says Grant, “There won’t be a pool hall in here… It’ll be a restaurant by day, bar by night with live entertainment. We’re going to open the bar section this week and the restaurant section we’ll open by April 2009.”

The Lower Path will be a relaxed addition to the downtown, says Quilty. “I’m a construction worker, so I like going to a casual place to go sit down, relax and have a beer, have a steak or some wings, what have you.” And Grant agrees, “There’s a lot of fine dining downtown right now. We’re offering a space where people don’t have to get dressed up and make reservations two weeks ahead of time.”

Just Dance
“I don’t make people wear tutus or leotards or bodysuits and things like that,” says dance instructor Lynn Panting. “It’s more about building up your self confidence, building up your sense of expression and moving your body and being aware of that at the same time.”

Panting has just started a new studio at The Neighbourhood Strays dance studio on 163 Water Street. She now offers dance classes to children aged 8-12 years, youth, and adults.

Says Lynn, “Just about every class is based on creative movement, and has strong emphasis on musicality, body awareness and a lot on performance.”

Lynn also introduces her students to the mediums used by contemporary dancers like film, photography, video and crafts.

“I try to put in a lot of acting and learning through books and arts, so that it’s not as strict as an ordinary dance class might be in an ordinary dance school. I’ll let the kids explore film, poetry and photography, or whatever else they are interested in.”

For more info, call 743-1137 or visit

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