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Of Mice and Mealworms
Attention all reptile owners and bug eaters: Newfound Feeders is a new local business that sells frozen mice, rats and live insects as food for exotic pets.

The business was created by Troy Stuckless, a reptile hobbyist and owner to Isabelle (snake), Max (iguana) and George (gecko).

About a month ago, Troy decided to try his hand at feed distribution, as a way to supply himself and other exotic pet owners in the province with a reliable source of feed at a lower cost.

“[Before Newfound Feeders] there was no other distributor of feed besides the pet stores, and they don’t always meet the demands of the community,” says Stuckless. “I knew that people, like myself, were paying a lot of money to feed their animals, especially with the prices around here.”

Pet owners can select from a menu of assorted frozen mice and rats, live crickets, mealworms and superworms. Troy accepts special requests for feed products, depending on the availability of the item at the time of request. Newfound Feeders also serves locations outside of the St. John’s area. Check out his website at

Dedicated followers of fashion
Always a crowd-pleaser, the Neighbourhood Dance Works is presenting a Moving Fashion Show on Thursday, November 13. Calla Lachance, a member of the fundraiser’s artistic team, describes the set-up of this fashion forward event.

“For our performance fashion show, there are various performance vignettes as opposed to models walking out and off the runway,” Lachance says. “All of the pieces will be performed.”

Johnny Ruth, Model Citizen and Sech Designs have partnered with NDW for the show, and over thirty performers will be featured in the event. Dancers, actors, musicians, circus artists and hula hoopers will hit the catwalk to the music styling of DJ Benjy Kean.

“It’s a very mixed cast,” explains Calla.

This show is the first of its kind for the not-for-profit dance organization and aligns with NDW’s mission.

“It’s always really important to us, when we’re doing a fundraiser, to incorporate performance, be it dance, circus art, theatre, burlesque,” says Lachance. “It emphasizes the ways we can partner with local artists to create an interesting performance opportunity.”

The Neighbourhood Dance Works Moving Fashion Show sashays into the Masonic Temple on Thursday, Nov 13 at 8:00 PM. Tickets are $15 and are available at the door, or in advance at Johnny Ruth and Model Citizen clothing stores.

4 more left
The St. John’s Farmer’s Market is nearing the end to its 2008 season and pilot run as the city’s first indoor, multi-purpose market.

Lori Greene, head of the organization committee for the market, has been very pleased with the season’s debut.

“Everything that’s gone on so far has been really positive, with lots of feedback from both the vendors and customers,” she says. “We’ve received great support.”

What’s next?

“An indoor, permanent building where we can have a year-round market somewhere in the city is our ultimate goal,” she says. “But in order to get to our lofty long-term goals we’ve got to take it step by step.”

Development proposals to install an outdoor, permanent farmer’s market in the downtown area have cropped at city hall—but Greene sees problems with the proposed plans.

“The space they have potentially set aside is really too small for a growing market, and they want to have an outdoor market—which if we lived in Tampa Bay would be a fantastic idea,” she laughs, “but seeing as how we live in St. John’s NL, we don’t think that it’s a feasible idea.”

The Market has secured the Lion’s Club Chalet for its return in Spring 2009, and Greene feels this is no small potatoes.

The St. John’s Farmer’s Market will be open for just four more Saturdays in November, 9:00AM-2:00PM at the Lion’s Club Chalet on 135 Mayor Avenue.


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Joey Pynn

31 January 2013

  1. Chris Butt · January 31, 2013

    I used to deal with newfound feeders, but where have they gone? their site is down and I can’t get ahold of them,, is Troy still around? can someone E-mail me and let me know….Please….

  2. Elling Lien · January 31, 2013

    Hi Chris.. I just sent an e-mail to him and he’ll hopefully respond soon.