Ibrahim Shaik, store manager of Taste East Inc.

Emilie Bourque solves the Snack Wagon mystery.

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West, meet Taste East
As more and more folks from all over the world are deciding to settle here in little ol’ Newfoundland, we are seeing more types of foods available locally. It wasn’t long ago that the mere idea of sushi, for example, elicited horrified looks from most Newfoundlanders. Nowadays it seems commonplace.

When Ibrahim Shaik came here years ago from India to stay with his wife while she attended MUN, he thought he’d only be here for two years. But then he fell in love with the place, and has one child born here, and another on the way.

With no plans of leaving, he and two other business partners opened up Taste East Inc. on June 27th, in the old Allandale’s Mini Mart location across from the Burton’s Pond MUN residences. The store is open seven days a week as both a place to buy groceries, and a place to eat-in or take out hot food.
Spices, dried goods, desserts, and snacks from India, Bangladesh, and the Middle East are available. They also have a small kitchen where they prepare a selection of cooked foods like biryani, and other snacks and meals which can be eaten in an area that seats twelve.

Specialty meats are a main focus—they stock local beef, goat, lamb, and chicken, all prepared to be Halal.

Shaik says he’s excited to not only serve the South Asian and Middle Eastern population here—including students—but also to introduce affordable new products and “new tastes to Newfoundland”.

Baby sisters
Twisted Sisters has expanded their product line recently to include baby products. Jillian Terry, assistant manager of the store, says it was a natural progression for them, because of their many patrons who have small kids or are pregnant.

“We thought it would be a nice addition to the store, for people’s own kids or as gifts,” she says.
Now in the store you can find—all Canadian-made—stuffed toys, blankets, booties, and tiny clothing ranging from sleepers and t-shirts to little yoga pants. They also teamed up locally, and are carrying a special baby soap made just for Twisted Sisters by hand-made soapmakers Tvål.

Snack Wagon: case closed

Okay, when I noticed that Snack Wagon parked down on Duckworth Street across from The Courtyard Marriott again, I had to reinvestigate.

As any long-standing reader would know, back in November, my attempts to figure out the mystery led nowhere. I was intrigued, to say the least.

Well, I’m happy to say I can officially close the books on it. I finally found out that it’s owned by Peter Belbin, and it should be open sometime in early July—perhaps by the time you read this.  Belbin says they’re hoping to venture beyond french fries and offer breakfast sandwiches, coffee, tea, Coca-Cola beverages (it’s painted head-to-toe with a Coca-Cola scene), burgers, hot dogs, poutine, wraps, and salads. He says it will be open seven days a week, from around 7:30am to 9pm.

Comfort and Joy
A new four star B&B called Comfort and Joy opened up the beginning of June at 6 Wood Street. Newfoundlanders Joy Kennedy and Mike Mealey own the spot, which features a loft in the entire third floor of house. Jessica Mealey, who handles their marketing, says they have been steadily busy since they opened, accommodating guests from here to Australia.

Lunch Pi
Pi Gourmet Eatery on King’s Road—who opened in April—have now expanded their hours to include lunch. They are open Monday, and Wednesday to Saturday from 12pm to 3pm for lunch, and all those days plus Sunday for supper. On Tuesdays, though, you’re outta luck.

Irving location closing
If you’re used to filling up your car at the Irving on 554 Water Street, you’ll have to find a new spot. They are closing up that location on July 7th, according to a store employee.

Garden of eatin’
Bamboo Garden, at 252 Duckworth Street, is now re-opened after being closed for some time. They are under new management, have a new menu, and have painted over the distinctive customer graffiti.

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