Sprout’s New Shoots

Photo by Bryhanna Greenough

Local vegetarian restaurant The Sprout is undergoing a major refresh.

“We have been itching to offer a more varied menu and freshen up the interior of the restaurant for some time,” says the now sole-owner Julia Bloomquist. “When The Sprout brought Amy Anthony on as the new kitchen manager earlier this month, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to do that.”

Along with the changes in management, a slew of other changes are afoot. Sunday brunch is no more (for now), and the restaurant is now open on Mondays.

“Starting this fall a new happy hour menu will offer nachos, tapas, and sangria,” says Bloomquist. They’ll also be changing their menu and adding a few more gluten free options. But don’t worry, she says, “the majority of faves will be staying on there.”

New signage and a website, both designed by local design firm Perfect Day, are also in the works.

“There are also talks of freshening up the interior, with new booths and bar seating by this winter,” says Bloomquist.