Spring dealin’

Dana Cooper puts poultry in motion.

Hey neighbours. It’s been a few weeks since we last spoke, and a lot’s changed. No snow, for one thing. Listen: I don’t care how dirty the sidewalk is. At least I can see the sidewalk. I’m going to enjoy this desperate glee for as long as I can, because I know that it’ll wear off after a few weeks of trash and grime. Hopefully we’ll soon see my favorite harbinger of spring, the street-cleaners.

The City of St. John’s is having a free bulk garbage and recyclable metals pickup day on April 30th. Pickup is by appointment only, call 576-BULK. If you have any big junk on the lawn, the deck, or wherever, then get dialing. Say ‘no’ to muddy mattresses and ‘bye bye’ to rusty stoves. They’re going on to a better place. Or at least by letting them go on, you’re making our place better.

Recently, Bill Scollard of Labatt’s beer asked, “Who doesn’t love beer and chicken?” This week, Bill’s astute insight into the mind of the Newfoundland consumer is doing great things for you and me, friend.

Labatt’s has teamed up with Mary Brown’s (still best legs in town) to bring us all the Best Beer & Chicken Freebie Ever. From April 30th to August 15th, special cases of Labatt Lite will have a coupon for a free Big Mary.

You may ask, why the Big Mary?

“People in this province have a passion for Mary Brown’s,” says Scollard.

Mary Brown’s has been the joint of choice for townies since one opened in the Mall in 1969, and nowadays the Big Mary is the most popular thing on their menu. With Labatt producing over four million litres of Labatt Lite annually in the province, it’s safe to say people have a passion for that too. So get drinkin’, and get chicken.

I feel a picnic coming on…

My name is Dana Cooper and I’m a recovering aquarist. It’s been years since my last tank.

For the love of The Scope, I crossed Mount Carson and went bravely down to check out Aquarium Fanatics (29 Commonwealth Ave, Mt Pearl), which opened on April 14th.

Two spectacular 400-gallon display tanks, one fresh water and the other salt, dominate the store. The salt water tank is like Finding Nemo, with a huge array of mature tropical fish, anemones, and corals.

I had a good chat to one of the two owners, Jerry Jones, about propagating coral (which they do), spawning (they’ve had some very rare events), online fish forums, and what sets them apart from other pet stores. In a clamshell, they care.

“We’re not interested in replacing dead fish,” says Jones. “We don’t sell them until they’re healthy and ready to go.”

Both owners are hobbyists with 25 years of experience, and have a genuine concern for their customers’ satisfaction and enjoyment. If you’re in the market for an aquarium, these guys are the real deal.

That’s all from my beak for this week. Squawk to you soon.

Dana Cooper, Your Girl Friday

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Any sign of bed bugs in St. John’s?

Has anyone heard anything about bed bugs in St. John’s? I’m currently freaking out.

26 May 2011

  1. gerard whelan · May 26, 2011

    just in case you don’t have the **** to print in full the critique (sent to editor@scope.ca and reproduced below) in the paper version, for which it was intended, I add it here – (and by the way, the above form line titled URI is a typo, it should say URL, which means Uniform Resource Locator)
    How utterly disappointing to see one of NL’s best new media gambits, the Scope, selling out so early. Your “story” and photo of the Labatt and Mary Brown’s corporate doofuses (doofi?) promoting a free chicken sandwich with a case of Labatt Lite is insulting to your readers who know the difference between a promotion and a story. Labatt’s are corporate brewers (owned by overseas interests by the way) who have zero interest in local culture or the promotion of those NL brands they bought up years ago in an earlier NL sell out.

    My brother Vaughn (RIP) was internationally recognized for his brilliant advertising work, and made effort to support NL product with his award winning campaigns for Blue Star (he coined ‘Shining Star of the Granite Planet”), Jockey (“Nothing stands between a man and his Jockey” – a clever play on the old underwear ad that featured my other burly rugby-playing brother Geoff in full frontal nudity covering his midsection with a 2-4 of Jockey Club), and Blue Star (“Take this Job and Shove it”, one of the MOST clever ad concepts anywhere, ever, and only fully appreciated with an NL sense of humor), all of which improved market share, got National recognition and entertained the idea a little longer that we NLer’s weren’t fully subjected to Upper-Canadian corporate hegemony.

    There is a rumor that by purchasing all your back covers for 2008, Labatt (who do NOTHING to promote local culture with local brands) now deems their press releases to be worthy of “story” status in your magazine. This is called a sell-out. The LEAST you could do is force their hand to put some local brews on a few of those back pages (with SOME suggestion of thought put into the campaign). I appreciate that operating in debt is no fun, and that you need to sell ads, but please find a local teat to suckle – these cheeseheads, their pickle-topped chicken burger and piss-water-beer promotion belong in the Telegram. Shame on ye.

    Gerard Whelan
    St. John’s

  2. gerard · May 26, 2011

    I apologize for my comment on ‘URI’, you are correct to use that, and I am completely incorrect. Sorry, I thought it was a typo. g

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