Sheraton’s Swanky Shivery Spot

Bivver is a Newfoundland English verb, meaning “to shiver and shake,” especially with cold, but it’s now also a lounge on the main floor of the Sheraton Hotel Newfoundland, at 115 Cavendish Square. They’ve been open about a month, and it’s a really cool space. (Get it?) Apparently the only circular bar in St. John’s, the lounge is divided in two concentric rings, with the bar separated from the dining area by an open wooden bird cage which is supposed to create a modicum of privacy.

There’s a full restaurant, and clientele is split about 50-50 between guests and locals. Don’t expect pub grub: the kitchen has put a strong emphasis on presentation and balanced portions, but they say you won’t leave hungry. A lobster and wine dinner special is $24.

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