Same Tune, Different Key

Photo by Google

A St. John’s institution is getting a great big facelift thanks to Bob Hallett of Great Big Sea. Hallett and Chris Andrews of Shanneyganock are the new owners of Erin’s Pub (186 Water Street).

“We hope to give it a general spruce up, while retaining the authenticity patrons love,” says Hallett of the 26-year old pub. As well, Hallett and Andrews plan on ratcheting up the already prominent traditional Irish music presence at Erin’s.

“Erin’s Pub was the first bar in St. John’s to feature traditional music,” says Hallett, “and mine and Chris’s passion for that music will guide our efforts there. We want it to be a place where everyone feels welcome, and where traditional music can be played and heard any day or night of the week.”

Their love of music isn’t the only thing Hallett and Andrews will be bringing with them to Erin’s though. “As travelling musicians both myself and Chris have enjoyed a pint in some of the world’s finest pubs, and we will be taking all those lessons to heart.”