After being forced to close shop in 2007, Cabot Habitat for Humanity is reopening its ReStore—a marketplace for used building supplies. Their grand reopening takes place on July 8, the day marking the 20th anniversary of ReStores across Canada.

“We’re on the ball again!” says Holly Tobin, member on the Board of Directors for Cabot Habitat for Humanity and volunteer coordinator. The store originally closed when its lease ended and it was unable to find another suitable space. Now, Tobin says, “the time came around and we’ve put more effort into reopening.”

Tobin is pleased with the number of donations the new ReStore has collected thus far. The next step is reselling these new and used building supplies, with proceeds going to Cabot Habitat for Humanity.

“Any money that we raise at the ReStore goes back into building homes for low-income working families,” says Tobin.

This time around, Tobin says they are planning to stick around for the long haul, “we’re making this more of a long term project, looking more to the future,” says Tobin.

John Scoville, Executive Director of the Cabot Habitat for Humanity, says it’s a good time for St. John’s ReStore to be reopening because St. John’s booming economy creates a good supply, as well as a high demand, for affordable building supplies. More houses being renovated means more old doors, windows, cabinets, and whatever else are available. And as housing prices rise, more people are looking for ways of making renos a little more affordable.

On top of this being a good deal for Cabot Habitat for Humanity, and frugal renovators, ReStore is also a good deal for the environment. In 2010, ReStores across Canada kept about 12,000 tonnes of reusable building supplies out of landfills.

Strategically located on the way to the Robin Hood Bay dump, building supply donations can be dropped off, or purchased, at the new ReStore, located at the corner of Logy Bay Road and Robin Hood Bay Road. Jess Spoto


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15 February 2007

  1. Nathan Downey · February 15, 2007

    The ReStore grand opening takes place Friday, July 8, not Saturday, June 18, as appeared in the print edition. Our bad!

  2. Elling Lien · February 15, 2007

    If you didn’t make the grand opening this weekend, you’re in luck! We received this from Cabot Humanity on Friday afternoon:

    “The Cabot Habitat for Humanity ReStore will be delayed in opening due to
    unforeseen circumstances; our opening date will now be Saturday, July 16th at 9am.”

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