Post Espresso-rridge

Photo by Mark Bennett.

How do you make a great cup of coffee? According to David Bowden, owner of the new high-end coffee house Post Espresso—opened recently at 168 Water Street—it’s an art that requires each drink to be prepared precisely to exacting standards using the highest quality equipment and beans, by an expert craftsperson—barista—who is a master of both serving coffee and customers.

It’s a pretty tall order, but Bowden feels he is up for it. Trained by a master barista—and one of the judges of the World Barista Championships—in Ottawa, he has returned home and is busily creating what he calls “a well-curated shop” based on his inspiration: Scandinavian and Icelandic design and coffee house culture—a marriage of aesthetics, classy coffee, top-notch service, and porridge.

The centre-piece of Post will be the space-aged Synesso brand espresso machine Bowden is bringing in from the world-famous Seattle company—a machine that costs more than most people’s cars—which will be brewing up beans roasted by Detour, a boutique roaster in Dundas, Ontario. Post will also feature a “handsome collection” of gluten-free baked goods from Nourish Bakery in Paradise. The kicker though, is the porridge.

Yes, porridge. All the rage, says Bowden, in Scandinavian and British coffee-houses. He thinks a hearty bowl of piping hot porridge will “be really great for St. John’s weather.”


  1. jj · May 25, 2012

    I hope they have a no laptop policy.

  2. kevin · May 25, 2012

    They do: No laptop, No service.

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