Open and closed

photo by Philip Hann

Emilie Bourque heads for the hills.

Hello Scopefans!

Great to chat with you again after the January-long hiatus had us divided! I missed you all, and have been diligently scoping out what’s been happening this month in the business community, so here goes…

Lovely Logy Lump
The Logy Bay Lump is coming back. Executive Director of the St. John’s Ski Club, Brad Power, confirms that the hill will be reopening as usual this season—they’re hoping for February 2nd—thanks to a group of sponsors that saved the day.

When some previous sponsorship didn’t continue this year, they were in a tight spot until Strategic Concepts, M5 Marketing Communications, and Technip Canada stepped up to the plate.

“These companies have a long history with our hill—a family connection—and have all been members for a number of years,” Power says.

A group of local students at St. Francis of Assisi Elementary School in Outer Cove got involved too, Power says. Jared and Joshua Power, and Jordan Blanchard, aged between 8 and 10, set up a fundraising campaign at their school and secured about $500 for the hill. Every bit counts! With an adult day pass priced at $15, and rentals also at $15, it’s an affordable winter activity that many will be thankful is still around

Square Dance
Churchill Square is losing one of its longest-standing businesses, and St. John’s is (possibly) losing one of its very few independent bookstores forever. Bennington Gate has packed up and moved out of Terrace on the Square, and there’s a possibility it won’t be reopening in the near future. Owner Sue Hood says for now they are taking their time to reassess and figure things out. She sends out a great big thank you for 14 years.

Across the parking lot, what was once Dominion is now a SaveEasy. Both owned by Ontario grocery giant Loblaws, SaveEasy means little change to the store besides a new name and a new floor plan. They still carry familiar brands like No Name and President’s Choice.

Start the press
You may have noticed a new print shop open next to Auntie Crae’s, in the old Dandelion Green location—Modern Printing Services Copy Centre offers all the usual services you’d expect, but one service surprised me: they print custom cheques. Cool! And I thought you had to go to the bank to get cheques. Owner George Efford assured me I’m not the only one who thinks that, and he claims they’re quicker and more affordable, and still include all the security features you’d find on bank-printed cheques. Now if only I had a chequing account…

It takes Too

It looks like the Coffee Matters Too, west on Water Street, will be opening for business on February 8th. When the close cousin of Coffee Matters on Military Road opens, by my count that will make the sixth cafe to open downtown in the past 12 months.

Snores galore
Your bad snoring is not necessarily just a harmless annoyance for the people sleeping near you, it can be a sign of Sleep Disordered Breathing too, according to a new business coming to St. John’s this March. The Snore Shop—with two locations in Nova Scotia—diagnoses and treats sleep breathing disorders. One service they offer is an overnight sleep study done at your own home. They can use something called a WatchPAT to gather info (looks like a glove and fits around your forearm and two fingers), and they can then send that info to your doc or specialist to get a medical diagnosis. They offer solutions and products for treatment as well; you don’t need a referral to go, and with waiting lists to the tune of a year of two for related hospital studies, they say this will give snorers on our island another option.

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