On the Grow

The St. John’s Metro has more people with more money to spend on more cars, in more restaurants, and on other stuff than ever before. And businesses are scrambling to get in on the action.

Condos in the recently renamed and soon-to-be revamped NL Telephone building on Duckworth Street, Mix, are now on sale—$244K gets you a 480 sq-foot one bedroom.

Restaurant impresarios CARA are opening two more Swiss Chalets and a high-end Milestones. They also own Montanas.

Rumours persist of Banana Republic and H&M’s arrival. Both companies won’t confirm or deny anything, but GAP owns both Banana Republic and a building in the Harvey Power Centre.

The Kelsey Power Centre off Kenmount is being expanded. A new Kent opened there in July. Rona opened a while ago as the first tenant in the Harvey Power Centre, behind the Cabot Power Centre (aka Stavanger Drive). Across the road, dirt has began to be moved for the Field Power Centre a new Empire Theatre will be the anchor tenant there. Work is also beginning on Southlands Power Centre. Early plans include an even bigger movie theatre and an even bigger hardware store.


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26 February 2013

  1. Q · February 26, 2013

    Milestones and Harvey’s to be in the lot adjacent to Empire Theatres. As well as two more proposed restaurants, but they might end up as retail space.

    In the Harvey Power Center on Aberdeen(Behind Dominion and Reitmans: Stokes, Banana Republic, Golf Town, and Jones New York and Dollarama. As well as six additional retail spaces.

  2. Q · February 26, 2013

    Also, swiss Chalet and an RBC on Kelsey in the area between staples and wok box.

  3. Q · February 26, 2013

    A TD Bank adjacent to A Buck or Two, just off of Aberdeen in the Walmart lot (Currently fenced in)

    A CIBC in the lot of the former Mazda used dealership on Stavanger.

  4. Q · February 26, 2013

    What I find the most interesting is there will be a Roundabout on Hebron Way in the Field power center.

  5. Anonymoose · February 26, 2013

    Where are you getting this info? Love Harveys hamburgers

  6. Chris Chafe · February 26, 2013

    Somehow I can not see the same clientèle shopping at the up-scale Jones New York and then perusing through the isles at Dollarama.

  7. Morgan Murray · February 26, 2013

    Here’s more details about what’s on the grow in the Harvey Power Centre: http://thompsoncentres.com/aberdeen-overview.html

  8. Q · February 26, 2013

    In between Golf Town and Banana Republic there is going to be a Wicker Emporium as well.

  9. Matt Fisher · February 26, 2013

    That’s something. I’m originally from NL, and I believe there are rumours that Lowe’s might be coming to St. John’s. I currently live in Ottawa, and we have two locations in the suburbs, one in Kanata and one in Orleans (next to a new Empire Theatres location that the new one at the Field Power Centre will be similar to). As much as I am still waiting to see H&M in Ottawa (where we do not have any locations in currently), I want there to be one in St. John’s at the Avalon Mall, where it would logically be. We are also building a third Lowe’s location in Ottawa near my house, where I live in the suburb of Nepean.

  10. yis · February 26, 2013

    Rona has been bought out by lowes.