Nibbles and bites

Zander Pierson nibbles at local restaurant news.

“Come unto me, all ye that labour in the stomach, and I will restore ye”
– M. Boulanger

The first restaurant ever is rumoured to have been started in Paris all the way back in 1765, by a gentleman so aptly named M. Boulanger. Legend has it Mister Boulanger was a supreme soup maker, although many will argue against his credit in favour of Chinese teahouses, which had already been around for centuries.  The title of “Restaurant #1” is still hotly contested to this day…
Okay, maybe only tepidly contested.
Okay, so maybe it’s not really contested so much, but one thing is for certain, the idea caught on.
Which brings us to the present day, in our lovely city where the number of restaurants is greater than number of people who live here. (Or sometimes so it would seem.)

Recently I had the pleasure of being shown around the just-opened Shanghai Restaurant at 210 Water St. My first impressions upon entering were very good, (complete with that new-restaurant smell: in this case, an aromatic mix of ginger, sesame, and sawdust).
I was greeted at the door by Dale the Waiter, who was happy to answer my questions.
As we made our way over to the large, impressive-looking bar,  I noticed several men crouched around a malfunctioning bar fridge, a casualty of this past week’s heatwave. One  was introduced as the owner, Yuan, who was also friendly, but very busy. I could almost see the extensive to-do list written on his face.
The menu at the Shanghai is quite extensive, with selections from all over China, as per the Shanghai style, as well as several that are served “drunken”, as alcohol is used in the recipes. They also carry a number of vegetarian items, and are more than willing to accomodate special requests.
They are open for lunch and dinner, with dishes ranging from $8 right up to $14 for lunch, and entrees range from $9 to $36. But be prepared. Although, Shanghai cuisine is traditionally characterized by small portions, this is one area that the Shanghai is not afraid to break tradition.
As I left, the bar fridge now purring contentedly, I made a vow to come back and put my money where my mouth is… or maybe I will exchange the money for their carefully-prepared food and put that where my mouth is.
But I digest…

In addition to the Shanghai, there are also two new restaurants opening up on Duckworth St. Christopher’s is a new bistro-style spot (next to Basho) at 281 Duckworth. They’ve been doing a lot of work on it lately, and a new sign has appeared… So keep an eye on them.
And for you Food-Nerd-inspired turducken fans, a new place called Get Stuffed is opening where Django’s/Duckworth Lunch used to be. I had a look at their menu, and it is bursting with food stuffed with other food.
I love it! It’s so intense! Sexy even!

– Zander Pierson, Surrogate Reporter

Stay tuned! Diana Daly returns from the big land (not Stavanger, Labrador) next issue with some hot new action.