New snack bar

There’s some business buzz over on Freshwater Road, the fi-and-chi district. The former Johnny’s Fish and Chips location, next to perennial juggernaut Ches’s, is under construction after being on the market for years. Billy’s Eatery and Takeout is opening soon, according to the signage.

Other than that, it’s a slow time for new start ups. (If you’re opening a new business, drop us a line at

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“Proletariat Serf” by The Kremlin

“Proletariat Serf” by The Kremlin

The Kremlin is back! And it might not be the Kremlin you are thinking about!

26 August 2011

  1. Jennifer · August 26, 2011

    Billy’s Eatery and Takeout is open now, and it by far the best EVER!!! . good prices for excellent quality food!!

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