Meat market marketing

Vegetarian restaurant The Sprout’s spicy new poster campaign trying to lure non-vegetarians is beefy on double entendres.

Three different poster designs have been splashed around town, outside on the street, inside bars and in some hair salon lobbies and washrooms.

One ad features a pensive young man sitting at a barstool internally lamenting the state of the his eating habits slash sex life.

“I never have trouble getting my hands on a plump breast or thigh. But it’s always the same. I’m not fulfilled. And the experience leaves me feeling tired and greasy afterward.”

One of the other ads is slightly racier.

“It’s not like I haven’t had my fair share of meat,” thinks a young woman sitting on her front stoop nestling a presumably hot mug of something. “But I’m sick of
the wieners, sausage fests and bones. I’m not satisfied. I want something different.”

Local marketing and communications firm Target, which recently tore it up at the ICE awards for Atlantic Canadian marketing and advertising, put the cheeky campaign together.

“The idea draws a comparison between the lack of variety in the dating scene — the meat market — and the typical diets of most non-vegetarians in an amusing, irreverent way,” says Target’s creative group head, Jenny Smith.

The ads went up just before New Year’s Eve.