Make Your Own Beer

Photos by Elling Lien

Getting drunk on booze you brewed yourself is a pretty empowering experience. You, madam/sir, are a self-sufficient human being! You don’t need anyone but yourself to knock your brain cells into a stupor! And it turns out that now brewing your own beer is possible even if you have zero interest in hops or yeast or any of that weird nonsense.

For the past month people in town have been able to go to their local convenience store and pick up “the world’s easiest beer making kit,” Mister Beer’s Bottle Brew, a 2 litre plastic bottle of unfermented beer with a tiny vial of yeast and a second pressure cap. Open it, pour in the yeast, put on the pressure cap, leave it at room temperature, and in two weeks you have beer. Like, 2 litres of pretty damn good beer, considering the 8 bucks you paid for it. Plus you get that hard-won empowered feeling I mentioned earlier.

“We’ve had many requests to sell in Newfoundland and recently we were able to find a distributor,” Paul Timoteo, President of Mister Beer Inc., told us. “Mr. Beer has been well received in Newfoundland, and we are looking forward to increasing our presence there.”

We weren’t able to snag a complete list of where to find it at press time, but bottles have been spotted at a number of Marie’s Mini Mart convenience stores around town.


The Scope Microbrewry

We couldn’t call ourselves real journalists without actually trying Mister Beer. We brewed up a batch of Pilsner and a batch of Cerveza. Here’s how it went.

We carefully followed the instructions. All three of them. Especially the third one.

Each kit comes with a jug of un-fermented beer, a vial of yeast and a special pressure release top, the Pilsner also comes with a vial of magic green hops potion, sort of like the ooze that turns turtles into Ninja Turtles.

You've got your un-fermented beer juice.

You've got your little vial of yeast.

Just dump the vial of yeast into the beer and you're brewing.

There's even a handy spot to remind yourself when you got your brew on. Just in case you sample a few others and lose track.

Storefront reporter and (beer) production assistant Morgan Murray mixes up his brew.

Adding the magic hops potion/ooze to the Pilsner.

A bit of sediment is normal.

Stowed safely in a corner for 2 weeks.

Setting up an e-mail reminder for when the beer is ready for the fridge.

The results were good. Really, really good. Consensus at the staff tasting meeting was along the lines of “gimme some more!” Of the two we tried, the Cerveza was a little more popular than the Pilsner at first, but after everyone was a few samples in it was all popular.


  1. kevin · December 5, 2010

    They have it at Halliday’s too

  2. Shelley · December 5, 2010

    I’ve been getting this – a different brand name “Big & Easy Bottle Brew” but same 2L bottle, yeast pill and pressure cap – at Brewery Lane on Torbay Road for the past year or so. I agree that it’s easy, cheap and relatively good beer too.

  3. john · December 5, 2010

    I’m going to have to try these! I saw them at Halliday’s but didn’t have two weeks to wait for beer that night…unfortunately, that was two weeks ago and now I want some.

  4. Van Mar · December 5, 2010

    Could prove very handy for Christmas.

  5. Elling Lien · December 5, 2010

    As a gift I’d recommend giving it unfermented, just cuz when it’s brewing it has some sediment, and there’s a ring of protein residue at the top that seems a little weird if you don’t know it’s normal.

  6. Ali · December 5, 2010

    Hate to be a stickler, but can we call this “mix together beer” instead of “make your own beer”? Not quite the same thing. And making your own beer is a pretty wonderful process that the Scope could also show us with pics and ideas!

  7. dot · December 5, 2010

    The Big & Easy Bottle Brew at Brewery Lane (Torbay Rd. or Mt. Pearl) is better. Plus its 7 bucks instead of 8, and you get 10% off after your 6th purchase and its Canadian.