Magine Snowboards

Handmade snowboards in Newfoundland? ‘Magine dat! The Port Au Port-based Magine Snowboards will be launching their line of homegrown snowboards this coming December.

“We looked to create a company that got back to the roots of the sport­—freedom of expression, enjoying a fun lifestyle, and supporting the community,” says general manager, Stephen Wheeler. “Staying in Newfoundland was pretty key for all of us, it’s where we grew up, and we all enjoy the type of lifestyle you can live here.”

The story goes that late one night in the fall of 2009 Wheeler shared a vision with his two friends, Marcel Savidon and Michael Maddock: to build a ski press that could make skis and snowboards. Over the next year and a half the three transformed 50 year old steel from ye olde Newfoundland Railway into a workable press. Learning to make snowboards took some time and a lot of trial and error as the trio cut apart old boards and taught themselves the trade.

Magine snowboards come in several varieties and use local wood as their core. You’ll find them this season at Ballistic Skate & Snow in St. John’s, George’s Mountain Village in Corner Brook, and select stores in Halifax, Truro and New Brunswick. Get on board at


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17 September 2012

  1. pippipowpow · September 17, 2012

    These guys are awesome and they know their stuff.
    Support them!

  2. geerar · September 17, 2012

    These boards ride like a dream!

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