Long Awaited

After living away for 25 years, Steve Smith has returned home to open Long Dick’s Sausage Emporium, a food truck he named for his grandfather Richard Noseworthy.

Long Dick’s serves nine-inch, half-pound German sausages Smith has made specially. He cooks them in a seasoned broth, then grills with a his own barbecue sauce before serving them on a challah bun made by Happy Belly Bakery in CBS.

But before Smith even serves up his first sausage, he deserves a prize for solving the kafkaesque bureaucratic labrynth that is opening an electrically ventilated food truck in St. John’s.

“I found out there has been three attempts to take this site but people just couldn’t get past the difficulties with power and whatnot,” says Smith. “It’s just been bureaucracy on a level you can’t comprehend.”

“It’s the communication, or lack of communication, between the city and the different elements involved in setting up a business,” says Smith. “I can only comment on this end of it, but there was lots of misinformation about the availability of power, what’s required in terms of inspections and so on, and then you deal with the contractors and they tell you something entirely different than the city,” he says.

But Long Dick’s has solved the riddle and is now serving giant sausages on Duckworth Street across from the Sir Humphrey Gilbert Building, which you can enjoy for free if your name is Richard Noseworthy. True story.


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19 March 2013

  1. Justin · March 19, 2013

    Congrats on getting your business on the go Steve. Curious how you’re getting your power though — where are you plugged in? The City had Mohamad and Ali jumping through hoops for a year and the two still couldn’t get approval for any of their many suggestions.

  2. JK · March 19, 2013

    I suspect he’s getting his power from that brand-new meter installed on the light pole :)

  3. Morgan Murray · March 19, 2013

    After talking with all the parties involved, the issue with Mohammad Ali, as I understand it, was that the space they leased (the corner of George and Queen Streets, in front of Dooly’s) wasn’t right next to a utility pole that NL Power would supply temporary power to, and they couldn’t work out an affordable or acceptable alternative to paying to have something installed with all the people involved. Though certainly not for lack of trying, on the part of Mohammad Ali and members of council (Duff and O’Leary, and city staff).

    Long Dick’s is near one of those coveted poles worthy of temporary power. So they can get temporary power while they jump through all the really expensive hoops of coordinating with contractors, the city, and NL Power the installation of permanent power at their own expense (several thousands of dollars).

    It seems like a pretty horrendous mess of red tape for everyone, an insurmountable one if you don’t have the time and money to go through it all.

    What strikes me as particularly odd is that the city, who are the landlords of these mobile vending spots, make their tenants pay for service upgrades to the spots (installing power). There also appear to be no sort of regulations for any of this so no one really knows what is going on, and seemingly the only way to get through the red tape is to get help from a city councillor, which, you would thing, shouldn’t be necessary.

  4. Gordon Gekko · March 19, 2013

    “Long Dick’s Sausage Emporium, a food truck he named for his grandfather Richard Noseworthy”


  5. Christopher · March 19, 2013

    And now you can get a “thick German 9 incher extra sauce” right here in our very own downtown.

    Sorry I couldn’t resist!

  6. Jim · March 19, 2013

    Agreed, he can spin a labyrinth of tales, and forget his actual reality.