Local Critics Pan Pizza

Every pizza place insists it has the best in town, but one blogger decided to figure out which is most worthy of your dough.

The Gimongous Avalon Pizza Bracket—a blog written by a guy only identified as Ricky Bobby (two guys?)—pitted 17 local pizza joints against each other over four months.

The competitors were divided into four brackets based on location (centre city, Mount Pearl, etc). A panel of judges ordered from two places in a sitting, and their votes decided which competitor would move on. The winner in each bracket faced off against the winners in the others, and so on.

By the semi-finals, between Pizza Delight and Peter’s, the tasters were starting to feel like they had bitten off more than they could chew.

“Today’s competition is the second this week and will be the fourth time in two weeks we’ve had pizza,” Ricky Bobby wrote on Jan. 22. “It was quite difficult to hype up today’s competition as to put it blatantly we’re starting to get sick of pizza. The bracket has now become an obligation as we’ve come this far and eaten so much pizza that to stop now would be devastating.”

Luckily, they soldiered on. In the finals, down to Peter’s and Venice, the latter was awarded the title of “Pizza Champion of the World.”

In total, the group had pizza a meaty 32 times. Read about their journey at www.thegimongousavalonpizzabracket.blogspot.com —Kerri Breen


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30 September 2009

  1. Wow · September 30, 2009

    As a member of the team that took place in this challenge, I would like to say that Ricky Bobby is just one man. Of course that’s not his real name, but he has 2 first names just like Ricky Bobby.

    Also as a participant in this challenge I would just like to say that I never once voted for Venice. I still feel Peter’s was robbed in the finals.

  2. Elling Lien · September 30, 2009


  3. Bryh · September 30, 2009

    Curious–which Peter’s location came in second?

  4. Elling Lien · September 30, 2009

    By the way, the pizza pictured is not a Venice pizza. It’s a stock photo.

  5. carla · September 30, 2009

    yes like Bryh would love to know what peters location?

  6. Wow · September 30, 2009

    Peter’s on Hamlyn Road.

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