Lasering! With Lasers!

Pew pew! Greg Leaman isn’t just a student entrepreneur and design wunderkind. He’s a laser enthusiast.

Leaman was introduced to laser engravers during a high school co-op placement at a design firm. After purchasing a laser to call his very own, Leaman opened his own business, Engravable Designs Inc.

Along with his signature wood business cards, Leaman’s Engravable Designs Inc. offers a variety of lasered products, from woodcut prints and anti-microbial iPhone cases, to bamboo cufflinks and wood collar stays (for the sartorialist on your Christmas list).

“I try to work really hard to give each client a unique-to-them one-of-a-kind product,” Leaman says of his custom design work. “I’m always open to tackling new projects, especially where the client sort of has an idea about what they want and let me run with it from there.”

Engravable Designs Inc. can be found at