Keeping it Geeky

The Geek Keepers peddling their wares at The Regatta. The Geek Keepers are Kristina Tuck (right), Jennifer Graham (centre), and friend Rebecca Hynes. Photo by Megan Denty.

For the two halves of The Geek Keepers, a new St. John’s-based geekcraft business, the marriage of geek and crafting came pretty early.

“Crafting and geek came together for us back when we were elementary school nerds getting excited about science and anime,” says Kristina Tuck. “Jen [Jennifer Graham] used to build Mars habitats for her Barbies and I would get in trouble for drawing cartoons during class.”

Out of that precocious interest in extraterrestrial Barbie dream homes and anime-induced detention Tuck and Graham have grown a business. Since 2012 the pair have been producing all manner of geek fandom jewelry and crafts from old school Nintendo invincibility star earrings to Pokemon pendants to math soap to internet meme greeting cards (Flying Nyan Cat anyone?) to popular recent books and movies.

“The most profitable areas are usually the most popular,” says Tuck, “like the Hunger Games or *cringe* Twilight.”

And how is the geek craft trade going in this economy?

“Better than expected, really,” says Tuck.

“We’re both from small towns where our geekery had trouble taking off, but since setting up at the [Avalon Mall Flea Market] when it was still active, we were pleased to see a lot of people appreciate our creations. We opened an Etsy shop under our new name and have since been selling to happy geeks all over the world.”

A trend that they’ll likely see continue as they take their wares on the road to conventions and trade shows across the country.

“Last May, we had an amazing time at Anime North, a large anime based convention in Toronto. Later this August, we’ll be heading back to Toronto to FanExpo, the largest convention of its kind in Canada.”

Locally their fine geekcraft can be found at various craft shows throughout the year and all the time on their website .