Diana Daly gets all fired up.

Wouldn’t it be great to set off your own fireworks this year for Chinese New Year (February 18)?

Well heywhaddyaknow, there are several places around town that will sell you backyard fireworks. Like, for example, Eastern Audio Limited, Tracey’s House of Fireworks Inc., and Coastal Marine and Recreation. You can buy them singly or they can make you up a kit-full of whatever you want, starting from a buck to around $699.

The names are great: “Dancing Devils” spin around on the ground, a “Barrage” is a multiple shooter with a variety of effects, and of course, “Roman Candles” shoot about a hundred feet into the air and burst into ten or twenty balls of colored fireballs. To finish your fireworks show with flare (ha!), you might want to choose a “Cake” which has about a hundred shots, buzzers and spinners.


If you want to hire a company who will put off the show for you, Tracey’s House of Fireworks Inc. offers that service. These guys will design your show, fuse ‘em all up to a board, and blow ‘em up real good.

We called up the Regional Fire Department Fire Prevention department to ask about regulations, and apparently one doesn’t need a complicated pyrotechnical license to operate these small fireworks. If you plan on setting a few of them off on your own, the guy said to please just follow the directions on the sides of the things and use common sense. So that means keeping away from any brush, houses, power lines, or combustible items (like houses–or hair.) It also means keeping 20-30 meters of clear space around where you set them off, and being aware of which way the wind is blowing. Visit the City of St. John’s website for fire bylaw info.

Other than that, rock on.

You know that gorgeous store on the east end of Water Street just before St. John’s Lane? The face of the building has a Derek Holmes mural of the bottom of the sea floor up to Humpback whales breaching. Wild Things! Rowr!

Well, they are closed for the next little while to do some renovations on their heritage building. As with most old St. John’s properties, the roof needs taking care of, and some of the creaky walls and floorboards need to be fixed up. In a couple of weeks you’ll be able to visit the store again for any sort of nature-related souvenir from Newfoundland and Labrador.

FIRE + PIG = ?
It’s soon to be the Year of the Fire Pig according to the Chinese calendar, so Girl Investigator Dana Cooper and I had high hopes of hog this week when we went a-huntin’ for some local bacon. First we went to Shady Brook Farms in Portugal Cove but they are closed for the season. Ton pit for we. The best bacon I ever had came from the Goulds. But where? Where?! We couldn’t find it. We went to Bidgood’s and asked in the Meat Room, but they don’t even sell local bacon. They carry buckets of Pickled Pork Riblets that are packaged at the Newfoundland Meat Packaging Company in Ferryland, but no bacon. Sigh. Anyone have any clues? Please send them along.

Diana Daly, girl reporter

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