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Higher-end shopping is getting a boost with the arrival of three new stores in St. John’s.

Opened in late November, FOUND Consignment Boutique (1 Waterford Bridge Road, formerly Contemporary Florist) is dealing in higher-end ladies’ clothing, shoes, boots, coats and accessories.

“We accept items daily by appointment so there is something new every single day at Found,” says owner Karin Smith. “It’s the best part about consignment shopping. You could stop in every day and find something new and unique.  We carry everything from high end denim and yoga wear (like Lululemon) up to designer dresses, shoes and handbags. We also have a great selection of winter coats right now.”

FOUND operates on consignment, meaning clothes are not donated, but rather sold on an individual’s behalf. “Consignment shopping is savvy. You’re shopping brands that you might not normally find locally here in St. John’s.  As well, you’re getting new or very gently loved designer and better brand clothing at fraction of the original retail price.”

Also new is Clothes Minded (655 Topsail Road), a retail-resale shop, with a focus on higher-end brands for women and men. Their Facebook page provides a preview of what’s in store.

Finally, Melanie Lyne, the higher-end division of Canadian women’s wear boutique chain, Laura, has opened a location in the Avalon Mall, in the spot formerly occupied by Lindor.

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