Dressed to move

Diana Daly promises that spring is just around the corner.

Two of the cool things about getting a custom-made grad dress: 1) the design can be as wild and imaginative as physics will allow, and 2) It’ll fit your body so your boobs won’t pop out unexpectedly when you’re getting down to “Sexy Back.”

So if you’re looking for something other than a sea-foam cupcake dress, Sara Hodder of SECH Designs is willing to custom-build your grad dress for you.

A graduate of NSCAD majoring in textiles, Sara Hodder has been working on her little company in St. John’s for almost two years now, and she has developed an extensive collection of original, fun and sexy tops and bottoms for men and women.

If you want a designer knock-off, try somewhere else. If you want a knock-out designer original, you came to the right place. Hodder realizes that you need to be comfortable and able to move in your grad dress, so she uses lots of durable fabrics with stretch so there’s good flow to complement your body shape.

First step is to have a design consultation where you talk about what you want, discuss fabrics, styles and colors, and she takes your measurements. All this helps Hodder get a good idea of what you are looking for.

She also makes accessories for your man-date so his outfit synchronizes with yours. Then you come in for a fitting and a little while later you have an original, hand-made piece of fashion that you can wear long after the person you went with is a faint and distant memory.

Visit SECH Design at www.sechdesign.com

The interior design store ATTICA has moved locations from Water Street to the corner of Freshwater Road and Parade Street. There’s still the same staff and owners, the same stylish furniture and home accessories, it’s just a new spot with lots more natural light and parking.

It’s awesome to see the business district blooming up in Rabbittown.

The Anna Templeton Centre for Art, Craft and Design has temporarily moved to a new location at 152 Water Street.

If you’ve been to their building at 278 Duckworth recently, you’ll know they’re going through some major maintenance, repair, and upgrading. Cultural Spaces, the City, and the Department of Innovation, Trade & Rural Development pitched in on some much-needed renos for the building, including the addition of big new studio spaces, a new roof, and new electrical, ventilation, and fire suppression systems.

I’m looking forward to seeing the new space, but 152 Water is where it’s at for now. #

Diana Daly, girl reporter

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