Going local

Diana Daly checks out the neighbourhood

Wow, I have to say, I am impressed. This week I met three Newfoundland business people who have inspired me with their ingenuity, prerogatives and philosophies.

Meet Lori Butler. She’s the brains and the culinary brawn behind Chef Over, a new personal in-home meal service. Lori will meet with you and/or your nutritionist, pick up your groceries, and spend the day in your kitchen cooking, packaging and freezing your lunches and dinners for the entire week. By the end of the day, you have a freezer full of gourmet meals (with reheating instructions) and a spotless kitchen.

She can handle any sort of food regime from the Atkins diet, vegan, South Beach or traditional family recipes. And that’s not all Lori does. Want to throw a dinner party and actually attend it? Lori Butler will come to your home and cook for you and your friends. It’s a great night where you can bring your own wine, relax and have no clean up to do afterwards. Sounds like money well spent to me. Chef Over has gift certificates and offers a free consultation. You can contact Lori at chefover@hotmail.com

As if drawn in by a cosmic, ethically-charged tractor beam, I was introduced to a new store in the Avalon Mall, Please Mum. We went in to get tights for a three year old and on the way out had an enlightening conversation with one of the staff. It turns out that Please Mum is not only Canadian-owned-and-operated, they also use only Canadian designers for their children’s wear. And not only that, even though they cannot produce exclusively in Canada, they ensure that sweatshop labor is not used in the factories. (FYI: Johnny Ruth and Living Planet T-Shirts are also very concerned with how and where their clothes are made.)
Hooray for all y’all!

Holy Dine, have you been to the new Newfoundland Canada Imaging in Churchill Square?!?! It’s huge! It has everything a photographer could want or need. It’s on its way to being the largest Kodak camera store in Atlantic Canada with 8700 square feet including a professional lab, frame shop, portrait studio, 24×100 chemical printing and the provinces only slide processing lab. They have “big box store” prices with expert knowledge and service from the staff.
Mostly I was impressed with owner-operator Derek Costello for building an empire and remaining Newfoundland and Labrador’s only locally-owned camera shop. While Newfoundlanders are moving to Fort MacMurray in droves, Wal-Mart and Costco are strangling local business and selling goods from out-of-province companies manufactured under suspicious circumstances, it makes little sense to me why people shop at such stores.
It is so good to know that as consumers, we have options. Next time you feel like going to The Keg for dinner or getting your film developed at Wal-Mart, or buying your kids’ socks at a store that probably got them from a company that forced a child the same age as yours to make the damn things, Please, go a little bit out of your way, spend the extra thirty cents and shop locally and ethically.  No one is perfect and we can’t be good all the time but we can all do our share.
Yeeeawww! Grrrrrr! Power to the people!

– Diana Daly, Reporting from the soapbox

PS: Monday night someone broke into our house while we were asleep and stole both of my guitars and my amp. The doors were locked.
Here is a description:

  • 1 Norman Acoustic guitar with Fishman Pickup ( blonde)
  • 1 Epiphone hollow-bodied  electric guitar (Bright Blue Starburst)
  • 1 Vox Pathfinder amp

Also stolen was a bag with an mp3 player and a large sum of money in cheques.
Everyone is all right, I just want my gear back with no questions asked.

They are the only things I own of any value. Please call 728-4460 or email if you have any information.


  1. Marie-Claire Doctor · December 12, 2011

    Tried to get a hold of Lori at chefover@hotmail.com but her e- mail address does not work can you please help me.
    Thank you