Festoon yourself

Diana Daly is back, with bling!

If you haven’t been down that end of Duckworth Street recently, you’ll notice the owners of Hempware have expanded their empire and opened a totally rad new shop called The Bead Addict.
Located right next door to Hempware (Duckworth and Wood), The Bead Addict is a little shop full to the brim with gleaming jars and slots of bright, woody, sparkly, glass blown, and funky beads! Fill up your little tool box with the gems, if you’re into that sort of thing.

They’ve just recently started doing bead parties too. Nicole will come to your house and teach you just how easy it is to make your own “Illusion Necklaces”.
(The necklaces are beautiful and remind me of sophisticated and whimsical jewelry that women and girls who “have it together” would wear. Guys can wear them too, I’d say.)
And the party isn’t expensive either. Ten bucks a person plus your materials will put you out about fifteen dollars, and you get a faboo necklace to boot. A great idea for a group activity and you’ll surprise yourself at what you are capable of with a little guidance. Like making hot, hot jewelry.
As Nicole says, “do not be intimidated to make hot, hot jewelry.”

Up on Military Road, directly across from the cops’ Tim Horton’s, John Hardie has opened Cakes and Berries – Jewelry and Other Delights recently.
When I went I didn’t see any cakes or berries, but what an eclectic selection of jewelry! All of their stock is hand-made and most is Canadian.
They carry a wide variety of high caliber treasures, including Holly Yashi, and Ammolite – brilliant multicolored gems made from Ammonites (Dinosaur Snails) fossilized into a gem layer of the earth. From Alberta! Ooh!
Cakes and Berries is also full of great pottery and knitwear from around Canada. It’s so groovy, it’s definitely worth checking out.

Have I mentioned that I love Griffith’s Guitar Works? (St. John’s is a small town and I can love two guitar stores if I wants, luh.)
Not only do they make a solid guitar (Garrison), they have built two in-house studios and have three guitar teachers on staff. Located on Ropewalk lane, Griffith’s Guitar Works is always a pleasant place to be. Full of vibrant and fun people who want to make sure that they can help you make the music you want. And, if you have a friend who has all the gear and all the drive but still can’t quite make the music that they want to hear, you can buy them a gift card towards lessons for Christmas.
Their friends and neighbors will thank you too, so it’s a gift that keeps on giving.
By the way, if you visit the art gallery on the second floor of the Downhomer on Water Street you will see a custom-built Republic of Newfoundland Garrison! A pink, white, and green guitar.
Life is indeed very funny, and so are the by’s.
I hope this helps you with your shopping. Thanks to my pals for filling in for me in past weeks. All the best to you and yours this holiday and New Year.
Diana Daly, Girl Reporter