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Dana Cooper mills and milliners through some of your local business

Hey kids, it’s Dana again. Diana Daly, Girl Reporter, has left the glamour and spangle that is our dear city, and taken up a Walden-esque farm life out in western Canada. O, we’ll miss her sorely and look forward to her return. But for the foreseeable future, I’ll be the Friday to your Robinson Crusoe, in this island-within-an-island that we call St. John’s.

The word from the bird is that a hat shop is set to open on the west end of Duckworth St, next door to Food for Thought. As of yet, I haven’t caught up to the lady responsible, but I’m working on it, because I’d like to congratulate her.

In my opinion, one of the great failings of modern fashion is its lack of hats, and their perception as either a sporting accessory or an über-fashion piece. Where is the middle ground? Where is the commonplace hat? Let’s bring back the tri-corner, let’s bring back the cloche!

I know I’m not alone in this, you know who you are.

A little over a month ago, I moved into a fabulous new apartment. Up until recently, I had to put up with guests who laughed and said “You’ve lived here how long?” as I showed them around my cavernous, empty home.

Two weeks ago, I finally fronted up at East Coast Liquidation to at least solve my furniture problem. Purveyors of quality surplus, salvage and liquidated office furniture, restaurant equipment, commercial and retail fixtures, ECL is well worth the trip out to 953 Topsail Road. I know warehouses full of huge pizza ovens and old file cabinets weren’t a fixture of everyone’s childhood, but they were of mine, and that sense of maybe-we’ll-find-something-really-cool lives on. In fact, I found three lovely, affordable, and practical credenzas, of varying shapes and sizes, and what’s best is they were delivered for free. If you’re in the market for interesting furniture, but are sick of going through the Buy & Sell every week, the liquidators is definitely worth a nosey.

Sincere apologies and sheepish looks, I have led you astray regarding the hotel/resto/bar recently approved for 329-331 Duckworth Street. Not quite a fortnight ago, Sean Murray, community activist and one of the city’s most dedicated municipal politico watchdogs, kindly advised me that in my excitement, I had confused two separate developments. Oh dear.

“329 to 331 Duckworth St. is actually a building on the other side of the street, right at the top of the Duke of Duckworth steps. It’s not the Duke of Duckworth building, it’s the one on the other side of the steps, which has been vacant for some time. The proposal from a few years ago to build a new hotel on the Bell St. site is still dormant, and may have been abandoned. The Bell St. side of Duckworth is the even-numbered side of the street. The order to tear down the houses on Henry St is in relation to the alleged failure of the property owners to maintain the houses, and also allegations of squatters who were supposed to be annoying some neighbours across the street on Henry St. The demolition is unrelated to the actual development, which is in fact a renovation of an existing building at 329-331 Duckworth.”

Dana Cooper, Girl Friday

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New Blue. Homegrown tech company Bluedrop is refurbishing the warehouse on Prescott, near Duckworth.