Booze + video games

It’s now possible to stomp out goombas while you’re on the sauce downtown.

Ross Barney, owner and so-called chief geek at Hooked Up internet and gaming café, and Sandy Chisolm of CBTGs have teamed up to open Barcade.

Like a gaming café but with booze, these types of bars exist elsewhere (in fact there’s a Brooklyn vintage video game bar of the same name that runs on wind power).

“I’ve always wanted to combine video games and… you know, I’d love to have beer in one hand and a joystick in the other,” Barney says.

The bar features coin operated gaming on six networked Xbox 360s, as well as all the classics on the big screen, via emulator.

Located on the freshly painted top floor of CBTGs in Holdsworth Court, Barcade opened on New Year’s Eve.

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7 June 2012

  1. Adam Clarke · June 7, 2012

    The first sentence of this stroefront item had me laughing for days.

    So, is there any word on the hours of this place. I’ve heard that is unofficially open, so it’s a bit of a toss up when you’re in the area if you can live the dream and play Virtua Fighter on Jack.

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