Boogie on down…

Diana Daly boogaloos over to see what’s cookin’.

Have I ever mentioned that I love Boogaloo?  Did you know that their new store on Duckworth Street (on the corner of Pilot’s Hill) is full to the brim of cool, quality gear to satiate and compliment your rock and roll needs? Well I just did. They also do expert, fast repairs on gear, have full backline rentals and can custom-build instruments.
Basically, if you want to rock, you have to visit. And don’t be afraid to go in if you are just starting out; the guys are informed and cool and very helpful… Trust me, I knows.

But guess what else! Boogaloo has opened its new rehearsal/recording studio! It is fully equipped with drums, amps for guitars and bass, and a PA so you can just walk right in with your instruments, plug ‘em in, and jam away. Or if you’ve jammed enough and want to capture your creations on a CD, the recording studio is ready to go too. The rates are flexible and they include project engineer Jon Hynes in the package. Check out the latest CD’s by Cherie Pyne, Trailer Camp, and The Nordic Beat to hear what his work sounds like.
So now we all know the recipe for good tone, but do you have a recipe for good Caribbean Jerk Chicken?! I didn’t think so. And even if you did, would you know how to cook it? I mean really know? (Food Nerd, stay out of this.) Lucky for you, Toya International Foods on the Corner of LeMarchant and Cookstown Road are offering a cooking class starting Saturday, November 11th. The cost is fifteen bucks which includes ingredients and you get to sit and eat what you’ve created at the end. Wheee!
It sounds like a ton of fun and there is only space for 6 people, so call 579-0999 between 11am and 6pm to sign up. Or just drop by the shop. When I popped in I picked up some papadums (look at me getting all alliterative!), a bit of chutney and some hoisin sauce, and I have to go back when I get my cheque from this article ‘cause they have tons of weird and wonderful foods, spices and …Synthetic hair for braiding?

– Diana Daly, Girl Reporter

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