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So this week I decided to check out the “new” Atlantic Place and I have to say, I kinda like it. It’s been nipped and tucked, bleached, straightened and looks like it’s on a new diet. The old “Ports of Food”, that 1980’s safe-cafeteria for the thriving punk scene and, as of last year, ghost town, has been opened up, lightened up,  and spruced up to become—are you ready for it?—“The Water Street Market”. But there’s just a Cora’s and a Booster Juice in it right now. Not much of a “market” as of yet, but there’s lots of tables and a beautiful harbour view. So it looks like it might be a great place to have your lunch.

While I was snooping around (riding the escalators!) I checked out the new Nubody’s gym. Membership Counselor Krista Stevenson took me on a tour. It is really quite nice up there on the second floor of the building with, again, a great view of the harbour and the narrows, and absolutely tons of workout equipment. There is cardio gear, fixed and free weights, a spinning studio (for cycling… not spinning… mwa!), two tanning rooms, two great aerobic/yoga rooms, a women’s-only workout room with all the fixings, dry saunas, and a towel service! A towel service!
There are lots of staff and personal trainers available too. Have you ever gone to a gym and felt like a George Street-sized wiener because all the buff people are working out on machines like second nature and you can’t even get the friggin’ treadmill to work? Or some Tarzan sits next to you in the weight room while you are trying to figure out where the hell your bicep, let alone your tricep? Nubody’s has an answer for me! I mean you. (Ahem.) The Jump Start program takes groups of four through every single piece of equipment and fitness program, so you have a good knowledge of what you would like to do, and how to do it. A sort of demystification of the gym.
For those of you already versed in how to operate bikes and stair machines, etc, Nubody’s has “Theatre Boxes” so that you can bring your own headphones, plug into your machine and watch whatever channel you like on one of the several big screen TVs.

Ok ok ok, enough exercising already! Gimme a magazine and a smoke.
The newly refurbished International News in Atlantic Place is stocked with a full range of magazines and “litertature” to rot your brain, get rid of your old complex, give you a new complex, or learn to scrapbook! Whatever gets you through the night.

Apart from the goings-on upstairs at our Provincial Courts, Atlantic Place seems to have gained a certain Je ne sais quoi… an ambience reminiscent of, well, Halifax. It’s in the awkward stage of an extreme makeover. Now it needs a little counseling, some self-esteem, and we’ll be good to go!

As for the report on Velma’s I promised: I didn’t get to talk to them but their folks tell me they are resilient and are on the mend.
And the new Chinese restaurant on Water? It opens in two weeks but that’s all I can say for now.

– Diana Daly, Girl Reporter

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