True Religion Jeans

The wares on offer at a new retail store opening on Water will be junk in name only. Proving that irony is more than a five-letter word, Junk will offer high-end men’s fashions and hip housewares.

Co-owner Frank Fagan says the idea behind Junk has been kicking around his and his husband David Ford’s heads for five years. “We decided that we were kinda sick of not being able to buy men’s clothes in St. John’s,” Fagan says. “The modern housewares [and] kinda cool aesthetics that we liked, it always seems like we were buying while we were traveling and we thought, well, you know, between the two of us, surely to god we can do something here.”

Junk is vying to fill the oft-bemoaned vacuum created by other upmarket men’s clothing retailers like Melon, which had a brief run from January 2007 to April 2008. The store will carry clothing from True Religion, Fred Perry, Ben Sherman, and Diesel, all of which command a hefty price tag.

Fagan is confident that there are consumers in St. John’s who are willing to drop $385 on a pair of True Religion jeans. “We’re very cognizant that our demographic is out there, and they have money and they’re looking for somewhere to spend it.”

In addition to high-end men’s clothing, Junk will purvey slick modern housewares imported from the US and Europe. These will include brilliant, whimsical products from it-designer Todd Oldham, and ultra-modern “urban cabin” swag by IZOLA. The store’s owners hope that the shared focus on housewares and apparel will strike a symbiotic balance, allowing Junk to retail a well-curated selection of goods that is updated every few weeks.

“The housewares support the clothes, the clothes support the housewares. There’s sort of something for everything and for everyone,” Fagan says.

Junk is opening at 302 Water Street.