StitchUp for Friday, September 28, 2012

Thomas shot by //d. for the StitchUp 1/3



I’ve always been a fan of the jacket and scarf combo and I like how you can dress up or down depending on the way the scarf is tied. The same scarf tied differently paired with other great pieces can create a huge variety of looks. Thomas’ jacket is also a great standalone piece.

Thomas shot by //d. for the StitchUp 2/3

When I asked him where he pulls most of his style influence from, Thomas quickly responded “the 80s.” Stepping back to look at him I’d have to say that makes sense. He says he likes the broad shoulder-padded jackets, colours, and is a huge fan of 1980s RayBans.

Thomas shot by //d. for the StitchUp 3/3


Hot Ticket: A Night at the Caravanserai – Sept 15

Seraka Dance Company presents an evening of belly dance performances, circus acts, magicians, musicians, and more, to delight the road-weariest townie.

29 August 2012

  1. Shethinks · August 29, 2012

    Love the sunglasses and scarf! Great outfit!

  2. h3llo · August 29, 2012

    looking good!

  3. b · August 29, 2012

    yes this outfit is a perfect reflection of the weather today

  4. b00n · August 29, 2012

    Good outfit except for the shoes.

  5. Kylie · August 29, 2012

    The most handsome and the sweetest. Love the look Thomas! Your gorgeous!

  6. :) · August 29, 2012

    Agreed! Enjoyed it from the head to the ankles…for some reason, when I got to the toes, I thought, “tried too hard”.

  7. Cea · August 29, 2012

    I disagree…love the shoes! Big fan of the blue:)

  8. Allie · August 29, 2012

    Love! Stylish all around (aviators and scarves are a nice combo) I like that the jeans are turned up too. Nice touch. And he’s handsome to boot!