StitchUp for Friday, September 14, 2012

Ashlee shot by //d. for the StitchUp 1/3



When we all put together an outfit in the morning it can be really easy to go overboard, especially when we have some particular pieces we just love to wear. This summer I’ve been trying to focus a little bit on people that do so much with so little while previously it’s been about keeping cool while holding interest in your outfit. This week, again, is all about simplicity and subtlety.

Ashlee shot by //d. for the StitchUp 3/3

Ashlee’s black tank gives a clean base to a rather manically patterned pair of shorts. Her choice to keep things clean-cut makes the shorts the feature, but the quiet details here are great too. Ashlee had some shimmery gold eye makeup on, which was subtle enough that I didn’t notice it until we’d turned around to face the sun. It really picked up on the golden yellows in the shorts and combined nicely with her other small gold accessory pieces, like the watch and rings.

Ashlee shot by //d. for the StitchUp 2/3

The mix of patterns between bag and shorts is an interesting choice — to pair an equally busy bag with such a well meshed outfit feels like it might have been an afterthought, but with Ashlee’s sunny disposition it works. The way someone carries themselves can really alter the way we perceive them and their style of dress.


Happy Chinese New Year

Red diamond-shaped banners with the character 福 (pinyin: fú), or “auspiciousness” are often displayed in Chinese households around the time of the Chinese New Year. The sign is usually hung upside down, since the Chinese word for “upside down” (倒 (pinyin: dăo)) sounds similar to “arrive” (到 (pinyin: dào)) It’s supposed to symbolize the arrival […]

15 February 2007

  1. Domenico Esprosito · February 15, 2007

    Refreshingly different and quite attractive. Would certainly turn my head which happens rarely, if ever.

  2. Miss M · February 15, 2007

    A+ , Yes ! This girl knows how to dress :)

  3. Allie · February 15, 2007

    Great, great, great! Fabulous woman, fabulous look. You must be listening to your constructive criticism!

  4. N · February 15, 2007

    Cool shorts!

  5. tinny · February 15, 2007

    this is such a great look! props to you darrell!

  6. lobF · February 15, 2007

    She’s working it, to great effect.

  7. Darrell Edwards · February 15, 2007

    Hey thanks! Glad you’re a fan of this one.

  8. Darrell Edwards · February 15, 2007

    She WAS actually working the camera. it was great. she’s probably been one of about 4 people that i’ve shot for this project that actually needed NO direction.


  9. practical shoes · February 15, 2007

    Nice look, and a beautiful woman. I could do without the bag though. Something with a flat pop of colour would have suited it better I think.

  10. Erin · February 15, 2007

    Cute bag! Great look!

  11. Shethinks · February 15, 2007

    Really love this. Different from anything I’ve seen on StitchUp thank you for showing us this beautiful piece!

  12. Ashlee · February 15, 2007

    Thanks Domencio! :)

  13. Ashlee · February 15, 2007

    Thanks for the wonderful comments everyone. Darrell was a great photographer…so cool and relaxed..made the experience fun. :)