IceReCaps: Series 2 + Game 1 = ‘Caps Win

Game one hero Breakaway Brock Trotter had two breakaway goals that were mirror images of one another. The first to tie it in the second, the second to win it in that third.

Icecaps 3 – Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguins 1

IceCaps lead best-of-seven conference semi-final series 1-0
Tuesday, May 1, 2012
Words by Morgan Murray | Photos by Colin Peddle

In lieu of an ordinary written-in-the-press-box-after-the-game report of the night’s event—thanks to the relocation of the press from the press box to a misleadingly-named party box with a strict five minute post-game curfew—I give you Hocku, a complete hockey game in three haikus.

Eddie Pasquale gives Wilkes-Barre forward Paul Thompson a straight razor shave.

First Period:

Shot clock malfunction.
Twenty to four. Not likely.
More like one-nothing Penguins.

Can't go under 'em. Can't go around 'em. Marco Rosa goes over 'em.

Second Period:

Like two fat boxers.
Teams trade icings and offsides.
Feeling the other out.

Brock trots in on a breakaway and beats WBS Theissen to put the IceCaps up 2-1.

Third Period:

Break’way Brock Trotter.
And Garth “Vader” score for ‘Caps.
Home team wins. Fans cheer.

Garth "Vader" Murray scared the puck away from the WBS goalie and ended up scoring the 3-1 insurance goal for the IceCaps at the end of the third period.

Numbers Game


My rough estimate of the percentage of fans decked out in white for the white-out, far less than the close to 75 per cent last Friday night when the ‘Caps beat Syracuse in over time to win their first round series.


First period IceCaps shots as reported on the score clock. The shots were 16-3 after 10:00 minutes. My theory is the shot counter guy dozed off with his elbow on the switch and gave the IceCaps ten bonus shots, because they sure as heck didn’t take no 20 shots that period.


The number of scratched Wilkes-Barre Scranton Penguin players who climbed like monkeys over the chair I was sitting on and across a partition into their party box, as both media and visiting team scratches were moved from the press box into party boxes. A party box is a high-priced coral with high chairs in which to have a child’s birthday party, comes with complimentary paper plates and napkins for the pizza (pizza not included).


Number of breakaway goals scored by the game’s first star Brock Trotter on breakaways. One in the second period to tie it, one in the third period to put the IceCaps in the lead. One with a backhand deke, one with forehand deke.


Number of regular season games Trotter played with the IceCaps after being traded here mid-season thanks to being hurt the entire time.

The shot clock after the first period was roughly as accurate as Peter Mackay's estimate of the cost of a fighter jet.