Least adoptable, just as adorable

Life doesn’t always deal you a fair hand, so we contacted four of the local adoption and shelter organizations and asked them about their “least adoptable” pets up for adoption, in the hope that maybe you’re the friend they’re looking for.


(aka Poor Old Ivy)
Sex: Not if I can help it.
Age: I lost track several years ago.
Best Feature: My one good eye, the other has a permanently glazed look.
Favourite Pass-Time: Sleeping in the sun.
Religion: Beaglism.
Favourite Activity: A nice walk in the park.
Greatest Desire: To find someone to love me. Isn’t that everyone’s?

Beagle Paws recently got a call from a local shelter about a female beagle who had been there a long time, and whose time was up.

One look at Poor Old Ivy and we knew we had our work cut out for us. This was no beauty queen. Her tough demeanour and battle scars indicated she had seen many a hard time and was lucky to still be around to tell about it. A large lump hanging from her belly did nothing to add to her charm.

As we do for all our rescued beagles, a trip to the vet was quickly arranged and it was determined that Ivy had an inquinal hernia, which was later repaired at the same time that she was spayed. Ivy also appears to have very little vision in her right eye.

Ivy doesn’t have much patience with other dogs (Who can blame her? Would you have much patience if you were in her paws?) However, she had one special friend, a strong and handsome young dog, who kept her company and made the nights less lonely. Sadly, the good looking ones always get adopted first, and Ivy’s only friend recently went to a loving home.

She’s trying hard to be happy for him, but she sure is lonely. She knows her wait might be long, but she is patiently dreaming of the day when a family will come just for her.

Ivy wants to let everyone know that even though she isn’t pretty on the outside, her inside is beautiful, and her big beagle heart is full of love.

Will you be the lucky one on the receiving end of that love, and give this sweet old girl the life she deserves?

To find out more about Poor Old Ivy, call Beagle Paws at 738-PAWS (7297) or e-mail info@beaglepaws.com. Visit www.beaglepaws.com for more information.



Meet the lovely Zoe. At first glance she looks like any other female canine struggling with a minor weight issue, but spend a few moments in her presence and you will see why we like to say she is a rare mix of Brittany spaniel and pig. Listen closely and you’ll hear a faint grunt as she wiggles her way up the stairs each morning looking for someone to charm into giving her a treat or two (preferably two). In Zoe’s case what they say is true—the way to the heart is definitely through the stomach.

When Zoe is not busy with her day job of melting hearts and conning her way into as much extra food as she can get, you can find her on the prowl for a new feline friend, napping in and taking over a nice comfy bed, or looking for the perfect under-eye concealer to hide the redness caused by her slight pollen allergy.

Her pet peeve is when she’s put on a leash and expected to go where someone else wants her to go (mainly when the journey includes stairs and the destination is a kennel). While Miss Zoe may be considered a little high maintenance, there is no doubt that she will make up for the extra work by giving extra love to the lucky family that finds their way to her.

Zoe came to us because her owner felt she could no longer care for her. She is a 5 year old, spayed, Brittany spaniel mix. She is housetrained, loves cats, children and seemingly people in general. She is waiting at our shelter for her new home, one where she can receive the love, time and patience she needs to be the wonderful girl we know she can be.

To find out more about Zoe, contact the SPCA at 726-0301, or drop by the shelter on R.C.A.F. Road, off Torbay Road. Visit www.spcastjohns.org for more information.

Zoe was adopted on Tuesday, June 19. The couple who took her saw her in the Scope and fell in love!


Age: Young adult
Occupation: Unemployed house cat
Body art: Swish and Swirl
Best feature: My deeply expressive eyes
Who are you looking for?: A cat lover who is “between cats.” (I’m allergic to other cats.)
What do you do for fun?: I play fetch with my catnip mouse.
How often do you exercise?: If you call playing exercise, then I have my kittenish moments!
Where do you sit on the political fence?: At the very top.
Three things you are most thankful for:
1. Cat toys, with a preference for catnip mice.
2. A caring person with whom to lounge and play.
3. Three squares a day.

Ruby has been in foster care with Heavenly Creatures for over a year now. This gorgeous red and brown tabby has gone through much in her young life: one litter of kittens that we know of as well as abandonment, hunger and fear.

But this petite princess of ours managed to maintain her sweetheart of a personality—she’s easy-going and a real joy to be around. Although Ruby might be 2 or 3 years old, she’s still a kitten at heart sometimes, chasing her toys and even fetching them for another toss. She can be very relaxed too; perfectly content to nap and lounge with her human friends.

Ruby is affectionate, but never demanding. A stunning companion in every way.

To find out more about Ruby, call Heavenly Creatures at 739-0077 or e-mail info@heavenlycreatures.ca. Visit www.heavenlycreatures.ca for more information.


Description: Long-haired, spayed female
Occupation: Retired empty nester.
Best feature: Soft, silky fur.
Strengths: Easy-going personality, beautiful calico markings, striking amber eyes.
Weaknesses: Sleeps too much, couch potato, bottomless belly.
Seeking: A cat lover who comes with a warm lap and plenty of Temptations Treats.

Mercedes came to the Humane Services animal shelter with her two kittens in tow. The kittens, Bentley and Porche, found homes in a matter of days, but unfortunately Mercedes did not find her forever home, and is still waiting patiently at the shelter.

As is the case with many homeless mother cats, once they have successfully and lovingly raised their kittens, most people do not give them a second look. It is the cute fluffy kittens that most potential adopters are looking for.

Top 10 reasons to adopt a mother cat:
10. Keep your feet warm at night.
9. You already know their personality.
8. It feels good to save a life.
7. Past the ”kitty crazy” stage.
6. Tend to be calmer and settled in their ways.
5. Good lap warmers.
4. Already litter trained.
3. Experienced motherly instinct.
2. Have an affectionate temperament.
1. They’re a best friend for life.

If you are interested in meeting Mercedes, she is hanging out at Humane Services, City of St. John’s, 81 Higgins Line. Phone: 311. More info: www.stjohns.ca


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