Cover issue 119

Stephen Lee, Jeremy Charles & Jeremy Bonia of Raymonds. Photo by Darrell Edwards


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17 December 2009

  1. Anonymous · December 17, 2009

    I know that the Scope relies on advertisements like most other newspapers, but using the entire front page as an ad for Raymond’s seems like it’s going a bit far.

  2. Bitchslap! · December 17, 2009

    I agree, seeing as it is a restaurant that a very scant number of Scope readers can actually afford to eat at. Not saying it’s a bad resto by any means, I hear it is stellar, it is just not accessible financially to majority of the public of this city.

  3. The Man · December 17, 2009

    You people complaining about the cover being “advertising” are hilarious.

    The Telegram runs stories about Atlantic Loto Corp all the time. Proper stories! Faux-journalism. No one complains.

    VOCM is constantly announcing “big winners” in the province, as if it’s news. No, it’s advertising.

    Look at CBC NL any day of the week and you’ll see advertising gracing their page, covertly passed off as news articles.

    Heck, listen to 640am when they have a great chef on from some fancy restaurant in town and tell me it’s advertising. It isn’t, it’s editorial.

    Raymonds was — voted by a public survey — as being the best of St. John’s. Having WON that award, a rather nice feather in the cap I’ll add, they deserve the front page coverage. This is an issue of The Scope about food so it stands to reason that something to do with the food in question grace the cover. What would you rather have on the cover? A fork? A spoon? Surely then, you’d claim it’s an advertisement for “Cutlery Makers of America”.

    Finally, the assumption that “very few scope readers could actually afford to eat at raymonds” is downright laughable, rude and plain ignorant. Stating it is just not accessible financially to majority of the public of this city.” has got to be the dumbest statement in history.

    FURTHERMORE it’s FREE! You’re not paying for it, no one forces you to pick up this copy.


  4. Bitchslap! · December 17, 2009

    Well with the fucking food banks frequently running out of food, a growing number of people facing homelessness,many young and older families alike trying to make ends meet, keep fed and keep fucking warm , and an lack of affordable housing in this city, I think that yes there are quite a few people who don’t have eating at Raymond’s very high on their list priorities. So that’s your ignorance and thanks for pointing out mine. It’s pretty outrageous to say it is the “dumbest statement in history” though, have you ever heard of a man called George W. Bush? :P

  5. Anonymous · December 17, 2009

    So it’s okay because the Telegram and CBC do it? I thought the Scope was supposed to be an “alternative” newspaper?

    I wasn’t even really complaining, I’d just like to know what other Scope readers think about it. Based on the opinions I usually see on this site I would have assumed that a food-related cover could be designed by a local artist, rather than use a full-page front-page advertising photo for one of the most expensive restaurants in the city.

  6. Debra Kadabra · December 17, 2009

    There are two sides to the great economic boom we’re experiencing here, one is the housing and condo and upscale business boom that Raymond’s reflects and the other is the ever widening gap between have and have not. Neither “Anonymous” nor “Bitchslap” was outright attacking Raymond’s or The Scope(both are welcome and important parts of a growing city) or media in general in their promotion of local business, they were both just voicing opinions. If anyone was being “laughable,rude,and plain ignorant”, then I have to say it was you.

  7. Lanie Doe · December 17, 2009

    It’s a “Best Of Food” Issue.

    Raymond’s won six awards voted by us, the readers.

    Why not be featured on the cover?

  8. Anonymous · December 17, 2009

    Exactly. However I was not attacking anyone, the cover doesn’t personally bother me. I’m just surprised that the Scope would dedicate their entire front page to advertising Raymond’s, and I’m interested to know how much money was paid for that cover. It just seems a bit hypocritical, because as you said Raymond’s is reflective of some of the things that the Scope has dedicated many pages to protesting. I’m just surprised to see this cover, and I’m willing the bet that Raymond’s paid the Scope a hefty chunk of change to have it there. I’m sure there were other winners as well, so some sort of collage cover would have been more typical of the Scope, but I’m guessing that that wasn’t were the dollars were. I have no problem with people making money, this is just an unusual type of cover for this newspaper.

  9. Kenneth · December 17, 2009

    Mr. Anonymous must be jealous?

  10. Darrell Edwards · December 17, 2009

    This cover is akin to a band being on the cover of exclaim magazine, the current, or even rolling stone… there is a feature article about these guys in there. they hauled away a large number of PUBLICLY VOTED ON awards. I can tell you personally as the photographer who shot this, that when i contacted Raymonds about setting up the shoot (as i was assigned to do by the scope) that they had NO CLUE that they’d won awards or even that they’d been selected for the cover. Jeremy and the rest of the gang at Raymonds seem to be are great all around nice people and were thoroughly accommodating with me and MY CONCEPTS for this shoot.

    There is nothing nefarious going on here. This is an editorial photo. meant to accompany a topical Issue. Maybe their menu is priced out of some peoples budget, yes, but from my brief encounter with them everything seems on the level, and down to earth. Please stop trying to see the negative in everything. its unbecoming. why can’t this be taken at face value, a couple of down to earth guys who want to keep their business local. and seem to be having fun while they’re at it.

  11. Anonymous · December 17, 2009

    Thanks for clearing that up. I actually think it’s a great shot, I was never criticizing that, I was just surprised to see the Scope do this type of cover. Clearly I was wrong.

  12. Elling Lien · December 17, 2009

    Anonymous, you’re like The Scope’s public editor! :)

    We try to be careful about the public perception of what we put on our covers. For the past long while we’ve had illustrations, and people love good illustrations. But people love great photos even more, and it had been a while since we had a photo on the cover. So that’s one reason we decided to go with a photo.

    The reason we chose Raymonds: they’re a new restaurant in town, people are talking about them, they won six categories in the survey (more than any other restaurant), and I had completed a good interview with Jeremy Charles.

    (Hava Java and The Sprout also won a lot of awards, but you can imagine the response if we put them on the cover.)

    Yes, lots of people can’t afford to eat at Raymonds. I can’t afford to eat at Raymonds. But that doesn’t mean people aren’t curious about what the people behind this strange, new, expensive restaurant are thinking, or what they’re up to. …And when what they’re doing is making local, small-scale farming seem exciting and interesting and valuable, The Scope can easily get behind that.


  13. Neil · December 17, 2009

    I donate to charities on a regular basis, I give to food banks whenever I can, I donate clothes and wares to those collecting, and I try to be active and do some good in the community… I also enjoy Raymonds now and then…get over it!! I loved the ad and only wish I could book that table for a late, warm, fog free, sunny summer afternoon!! Oh yeah, and I read the Scope on a regular basis too and love this interactive comment forum… great job folks!!

  14. Debra Kadabra · December 17, 2009

    The interactive commentary on The Scope website is really pretty damn fun though! :)

  15. Dump · December 17, 2009

    Who gives a shit. Motherfuckers gotta pay the rent somehow.

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