2011 Sex Survey: One Sex-Related Thing You’d Like To Do Before You Die

1,399 local souls responded to our anonymous, online, 39-question sex survey between February and March of 2011. Stay tuned to www.thescope.ca/sex as we dole out the juicy details.

One Sex-Related Thing You’d Like To Do Before You Die

These answers mostly differed from the Hottest Fantasy answers by an increased frequency of answers involving anal play and getting someone pregnant.

Sex in an airplane was a big goal for many respondents, followed by sex in public and sex in a car. Anonymous sex, ranging from pick-ups at a bar to having sex with an unknown passerby, was popular, though a few people expressed health or sanitation concerns. Some respondents were interested in videotaping their bedroom happenings and displaying them in a public forum, while others would like to give pegging, strap-ons, swings, harnesses, ropes, masks, or double penetration a try.

Jessica Alba and Julia Stiles got mentions, but they weren’t in any of the numerous domination scenarios involving fantasy future husbands/wives and a sexy young so-and-so they happened to meet at a bar.

Here’s a selection, as they were written:

  • a lipstick lesbian- i know you\’re out there, you blonde minx!
  • anal sex the mate
  • Anal with a prostitute
  • Bang my partner while she eats out another girl.
  • blumpkin
  • Buy my gf lingere that I WANT, not what she wants
  • do  a family, other than the male. like mom and two daughter threesome
  • do the mom-in-law
  • DP
  • Four way with all gingers
  • Fuck cheating ex in the ass
  • Fuck my ex before/after she gets married next year.
  • Get a footjob
  • Get a lot more confident about all this.
  • Get someone pregnant. Make sweet love to that pregnant partner so the baby can have a brother or sister. Take off to the mainland regardless.
  • have a girl milk my prostate
  • have a long-term, committed relaitonship with a man who is GREAT in bed
  • Have an all female orgy and then never speak of it again.
  • Have intimacy again.
  • Have multiple loads blown up my ass.
  • Have no strings attached sex with an acquaintance, but not a friend.
  • have scandalous sex at a club wearing tights and a short skirt
  • have sex i spose
  • have sex in a cop car
  • Have sex on an airplane.
  • Have sex that doesn’t feel ridiculous and make me embarrassed for the guy i’m doing it with.
  • Have sex with a bus load of bud light girls
  • have sex with a european
  • have sex with someone attractive
  • have sex with someone from history by travelling back in time. Also, having sex while not aging or dying  on another planent in a benevolent galatic empire of pure expression and scientific advancement and non-monogomus sexual freedom.
  • have sex with the same person for years and still be crazy-hot for them.
  • Have something inserted into me
  • huge group barebacking me
  • I really just need to have more sex outdoors.
  • i think sleeping with a hot transexual would be fun
  • i want to try a Sybian
  • I would like to “squirt”.
  • I’d like to “be the girl” for a guy, not just a fuck for a gay/bi male
  • I’m a little tame now as I’m aging but I’ve done everything I would ever want to try…my early tweenties were fun ;)
  • Id like to have sex wtih the guy who took my virginty, show him what i have learned over the years…..lol
  • If it wasn’t so unsafe, I would just fuck whoever I wanted, whenever and wherever I wanted without a condom. And let random people fuck me from behind while I was blind folded. (As long as they are nice.  :D )
  • it’s been done, though we would probably been better off with a different guy…
  • key party.
  • Learn how to give a blow-job.
  • leave her for somebody I am in love with
  • lick more clits
  • More vagina.
  • My sex is so boring i cant even come up with anything right now.. thats sad isnt it? I would just like to have a boyfriend who has a sex drive
  • Myself and my partner would love to co-dominate a bisexual female couple, specifically forcing them to bring each other to near orgasm while they were restrained before denying them climax.
  • No clue. Sex isn’t that important to me, so I haven\’t really set a “before I die” goal.
  • onabeach.
  • Orgasm without having to try
  • orgy
  • Orgy With All Men
  • Participate in an all-woman orgy
  • pose for a porn magazine
  • public toilet
  • receive oral sex while scuba diving
  • Record having sex that not only felt good but actually looked good. At least a 4 star rating on YouPorn.
  • reverse gangbang
  • sex in a confessional
  • Sex in a hall of mirrors
  • sex in a tractor scoop
  • Sex in zero gravity
  • Spit roasting
  • Study acedemically how people’s sexuality developes, specifically kink and alternative sex.
  • Straight sex.
  • Switch up with a couple buddies girlfriends. I’d just like to see most all of my hot chick friends naked.
  • Three-way with my husband and his clone- or with my husband from a different time era (time travel)
  • titty fuck
  • try everything minus scat
  • use a fucking machine
  • watch me wife get fucked while fucking someone else
  • wine enema


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31 July 2008

  1. Anon · July 31, 2008

    Dear girls who want an all girl orgy,

    Where have you been all this time?
    Please call me. :D

  2. Vanessa Mary · July 31, 2008

    If you’re a dude they ain’t gonna call ya! ;)

  3. Anonymous · July 31, 2008



  4. Anonymousse · July 31, 2008

    “spit roasting”

    Without context this desire is mind-boggling and somewhat disturbing

  5. Frank · July 31, 2008

    Without context, perhaps you should hold off on being disturbed.