Neil Armstrong, 1930-2012

Neil Armstrong, 1930-2012: :(

27 August 2012

  1. hungryhungryhippo · August 27, 2012

    You know how Asia and Central and South America have awesome street food? This is the local equivalent.

  2. hungry, always hungry · August 27, 2012

    you know what though… i’ve had some very disappointing episodes of weekend at ziggy’s lately. the weekend guy is over cooking the fries… i’m sure he’s a perfectly nice person, just not an exceptional french fryer. someone should give him a few tips, i’m sure it’s not a lost cause… but that’s why i bought an $8 bag of cashews at ultramar last night.

  3. hungryhungryhippo · August 27, 2012

    Yet another institution crumbles before our very eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Brittany · August 27, 2012

    Best poutine ever.

  5. hungryhungryhippo · August 27, 2012
  6. hungryhungryhippo · August 27, 2012

    When is ziggy going to set up shop outside my house?? I’m waiting. Fuck, I’m lazy.

  7. i sell you fries · August 27, 2012

    sometimes when youre surrounded by drunks, its hard to keep up with all the baskets of fries, overcooking them a little by mistake. also a lotta ppl like their fries well cooked… maybe hes going on that assumption. if you dont like the fries overcooked, say something, and you’ll probably get another batch to your liking.

    your friendly neighborhood ziggy employee

  8. Steve · August 27, 2012

    Love Ziggys man, best 3am snack you can ask for. Dont mind people who are talking about them being “overcooked” as its for the market for people who needs a quick fix of grease from a hard night “on er”. Keep up the good work! Now im hungry!! Cheers!

  9. Tui · August 27, 2012

    I always have this fantasy of racing a Ziggys truck in the Cannon Ball Run… just me Bert and the chips!

    Best chips ever! They taste like LOVE!

  10. B spurrell · August 27, 2012

    Attending the busker festival a couple of weekends ago I decided to buy
    some fries for my kids. Stood in line for Ziggy’s and noticed the customer before me had been shortchanged she noticed right away and they gave her the correct change…I was then shortchanged by about $4.00 but didn’t notice until about 10 minutes later. I went back to receive my correct change and the young girl said you must be committed to stand in line for “that”. I hope this girl doesn’t speak to tourists like that as Newfoundlanders are suppose to be friendly. On the counter I noticed a tuition tip cup. Tip to you little girl remember not every customer you serve is rolling out of a nightclub at 3 a.m and be kind to customers as you might get a monetary tip someday…

  11. Vanessa · August 27, 2012

    whats with the spiteful people out there. I dont work at ziggys but have gotten fries there numerous times. The last post is a joke, newfoundlanders are supposed to be nice, are you from away? you dont seem very nice. Did you ever stop and maybe think you got the wrong impression from the worker? I worked as a manager in fast food through my college and dealt with many bitter angry morons. People need to stop and think “what if that was me working that hard for minimum wage and a few dollars in a tip cup”. If were supposed to be known as nice, drop your attitude! someone looking for “tuition tips” is most likely not a “little girl”.

    maybe eventually youll have enough money to not be concerned with 4 dollars, until then you should probably grow up and stop taking it out on everyone else.

  12. Elizabeth · August 27, 2012

    What a horrible note…really! When its really busy, accidental change mistakes really do happen in all kinds of service industries, why should this be any exception? I have been to this fry truck often and the young girl there is always friendly and kind. Just because you caught her in the middle of an incredibly busy day when she may not have had the time to carry on and represent “friendly NL Culture” as you suggest we must all act like, doesn’t mean she isn’t friendly to tourists, I wouldn’t think. By the way, if Newfoundlanders as SUPPOSED to be friendly, as you say the stereotype goes (which in my experience is not the case any more or less than in other provinces), why don’t you consider this in your response on what really should just be a helpful evaluation of restaurants rather than one-off scathing personal attacks on busy employees? Maybe sometimes-incorrect stereotypes are not as important to uphold when mountains of rude customers are jumping lines.

  13. LittleZiggyGirl · August 27, 2012

    Hello… a friend just told me about these posts regarding Buskers and I thought I would respond first hand. I am the employee the earlier post refers to. Vanessa, thank you for your support! As you mention, I am not a “little girl” but actually almost 25. I guess I should thank you, B Spurrel, for your comment on my youthful appearance, standing over a deep fryer does the skin good! : P

    As for that weekend, I worked 36 hours over 3 days, on top of 25 hours earlier in the week, on top of my course work. Most of Buskers, I worked alone, sometimes serving lines past Tim Hortons. On top of that, our calculator broke, and I had to do all of the math (of our recently changed prices) in my head. As you mention, mistakes were certainly made.

    I do remember our interaction. You actually told me that the other employee (who had since left) had mistaken your change. Although it was not me, I took your word and refunded the money you claimed you were owed. I did make a joke about your commitment to the change. What I meant by this was that you had waited in the 20 minute line up again for your change, instead of just coming to the side of the window. (Note to future customers: if we ever make any mistakes with your order at all, or even if you just want something extra like a fork, there
    is no need to wait in line a second time!). It was meant to be harmless, and I am sorry it was not taken this way.

    However, although it was not me that made the mistake on your order, I would like to state that I have never stolen anything in my life, nor have I “short-changed” someone on perhaps, as you imply. It is hard to convince another of honesty, but I have the guilty conscience of the practicing Catholic I am, and would feel sick if I ever stole a pack of gum, let alone money. Likewise, much of our business at Ziggy’s comes from the “3 am crowd”, and we do not take advantage of these individuals’ inebriated state as you also imply. We give back full change, whether the individual even remembers paying or not.

    B Spurrel, I am sorry for your negative experience. I hope that if you return to Ziggy’s in the future, our calculator will be functioning, and our employees a bit less tired. I also hope that in your future interactions with anyone in the service industry, you try to be empathic and not search for the worst in people. Take care :)

  14. Elling Lien · August 27, 2012

    LittleZiggyGirl for the win!

    Thanks for responding, LZG.

  15. Willi Makit · August 27, 2012

    They’re FRIES people – FRIES!!! Not the best food in St. John’s – but good fries nonetheless.
    P.S. – save yourself a hassle and bring the correc change :)

  16. Ryan · August 27, 2012

    Ziggy’s fries rocks at 4am

  17. Alice · August 27, 2012

    Ziggys make awesome fries.

  18. Wendy · August 27, 2012

    Best fries in the entire world! I love, love, love them.

  19. Greg · August 27, 2012

    Great Fries but expenive for the protions sorry i love it but Pricey much :P

  20. z employee · August 27, 2012

    it’s “pricey” because of the cost of the potatoes(which aren’t the crappy cheap kind) and min wage keeps going up, resulting in prices that have to go up in order to make any profit.

    and they’re homemade fries!! ;) made with love and grease.

    isn’t everywhere pricey? (altho i do agree the drinks are a little pricey…)

  21. Scotman · August 27, 2012

    Been a Ziggys fan since they started up close on 20 years back, the Big Zig has always been a favourite. I’ve made many an excuse to head to Churchill Square or Downtown to exclaim – “Look – the Ziggy’s truck is open, we should get fries!” The fries are consistent, blanched and re-fried as they should be, and staff is great. Being a fry addict Ziggy’s is top of the list, a solid 5+ for fries! This all thanks to the original Big Zig .. John R………

  22. Alyssa · August 27, 2012

    I love Ziggy’s! They have the best french fries in town, bar none and the service is always friendly. Even if they are surrounded by people, which happens a lot, they always seem calm and accomodating.

  23. Rew JR · August 27, 2012


  24. TheFoodies · August 27, 2012

    The by’s (and girls) of Ziggy’s are right on! Best fries in town :)

  25. Steve · August 27, 2012

    greasy unhealthy stuff

  26. SP · August 27, 2012

    Yeah, no shit homeslice. The stuff is awesome, why don’t you go eat a salad Steve. It’s a chip truck on the side of the street, what do you expect?

  27. michael · August 27, 2012

    i always go to the one and churchill sqaure at lunch time theyres fries are awsome i love ziggys

  28. Mitch709 · August 27, 2012

    “on er”….thats hilarious. That comment made me chose ziggys over every other option in St. John’s

  29. b · August 27, 2012

    Hey there’s a sign on the truck in front of Scotiabank saying they now offer sweet potato fries with chili sauce for six bucks. Has anyone tried these yet? How do they hold up?

    Mandatory star rating is for potato fries.

  30. john · August 27, 2012

    had them @ the hockey game tonite not fit i think they were left over from saturday nite never again same thing last year

  31. Terri · August 27, 2012

    I have enjoyed Ziggy’s fries since I’ve moved to the city a few years back. Not much can beat it after being DT for a few hours. However, the last few times I’ve been down there and decided to get some fries before heading home, I’ve stood in decent sized lineups(which is fine, I get it, there are a lot of people with the same idea) only to find out there is no gravy. If this were a one time thing, no big deal, it happens to every business, you run out of something. However, this was at least 3 times now. This isn’t the best way to keep customers coming back, the times this has happened I went to another chip van and ordered fries, and will be weary of standing in line for ziggy’s when i know the other place has gravy. Also if you do run out it would be a good idea to at least post a sign instead of having people stand in 20 min lineups only to realize they have to order something different or go somewhere else. I know those hours of the morning you are dealing with drunk people and think they probably won’t read a sign anyways or notice it but at least it’s something. Not trying to bash on Ziggy’s because they were always my first choice but some constructive criticism is never bad and after all this company is catering to customers and if they aren’t completely satisfied they should be able to broach the subject without getting their head ripped off for it.