Woodstock Colonial Restaurant

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1959 Topsail Road, Paradise

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26 Reader Reviews of Woodstock Colonial Restaurant

(6 positive, 3 negative)
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    Overall Rating44444
    Carol Ann Piercey Says:

    I’ve been driving by this restaurant for my entire life and never set myself insides its doors until Sunday past. Well, if I knew then, what I know now, then I would have certainly spent a heck of alot more time eating well. The atmosphere was quaint and comfortable, the food bountiful and fresh, and as an added delight, the hosts were as welcoming as the desserts. It surpassed my expectations, which is something rare these days in customer satisfaction. A wonderful surprise for the at home tourist.

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    Overall Rating55555
    Mark Says:

    All i have to say is the atmosphere alone is worth wile going the. I had the 3 course meal and it was so delicious !!! I recommend this to everyone GO THERE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Overall Rating55555
    Mark Roberts Says:

    This was my 2nd time at the restaurant and they have out done themselves once again. Waitress was SO polite. Food is amazing, and most fancy restaurants the food portion you get is not alot, but here at the woodstock i can guarantee you get what you pay for and you will not leave hungry.
    Owner greeted us at the table when we were done to see how our evening was, which this don’t happen often in other restaurants.

    The only complaint I have is NOTHING :-) I Highly recommend this place and since i live 5 min away, I’m sure i will be back again !

    Keep up the good work at the Woodstock Inn.!!!

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    Overall Rating55555
    Bethany Dawe Says:

    LOVE this place. My Parents went there for special occassions when they were in university 30 years ago, and we STILL go there now! Have never had a bad meal OR bad service. And the Breakfast Buffet on Sundays is FABULOUS!!!!

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    Overall Rating11111
    Doug Young Says:

    Small portions, bad service and even worst food, oh and way over priced!!!

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    Overall Rating55555
    KRTH Says:

    Went there for Sunday Brunch. It was excellent! A wide variety of food, along with a nice homey feel makes the Woodstock a lovely place to dine.

    For a buffet, everything seemed fresh and the trays were refilled often. I got to try everything!

    Brunch Buffet costs 24.95+tax, so it is a little pricey, but well well worth it for the amount of food one can choose from.

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    Overall Rating33333
    Colin Says:

    Decent food but a little overrated and pricy. What I REALLY dislike about this restaurant is they included the tip in the bill! Hey, isn’t the tip my option to reward service? They effectively taken away my ability to judge and tip according to my conscience. For this reason alone, I will not be returning – The service was good, but they took my decision away from me, and yes, I do leave tips 95% of the time, but the amount depends on the service, the way it should.

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    Overall Rating11111
    Elva Harding Says:

    We were there for a birthday dinner,it was the worse meal ever.everything tasted like it was reheated in the microwave,it was just auwful,iwalked out of there very upset.

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    Overall Rating11111
    JR Says:

    Further to my initial review I would like to add a few other comments about our recent experience at the Woodstock. When I ordered the seafood chowder I asked if any bread or rolls were served with it, they were NOT, so I asked could I have a few whole wheat rolls with the chowder and they do not have whole wheat rolls. With the pan fried cod I asked if I could have mashed potato and they do not have it, just fries and they were of the frozen variety and were certainly dipped in the fryer once too often as they were way overdone. No mashed potato and no vegetable served with the pan fried cod. Wow, what a dinner, essentially an overrated, over priced fish and chips. We were not happy campers when we left the restaurant.

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